Need international server


Game is dead, can’t find 3 other people for 10 searches in a row. Am always seeing the same people.


Try the Intergalactic servers. I had a good game against some Klingons the other day.

But in all seriousness its hard to connect to premades


I mainly play customs/premades on PC. Probably why no one sees me anymore. ^.^


I’m always connected to European players, why not Americans as example? The player base is already small and trs is making it even smaller by doing this. It shouldn’t cause problems with lag, lag should only affect the player who is lagging and not everyone who is in the game. Other games can do this, why not Evolve?


I’m avoiding public games in my region for many reasons:

  1. The game tends to put me in hunter roles more often than I’d like to. I do like playing as hunters occasionally, not every single damn match, and I don’t like rotating the monster role between 3-4 players.
  2. Hunters in my region are not the kind of people that listen.
  3. Whenever I get to play monster, half the lobby quits. I’m lucky if I get to finish a match and play as monster again immediately after.
  4. Some people in my region play monster exclusively. If they are placed on the hunter side they immediately quit.
  5. Why the hell is it matching me with level 5s? Where are all the 40s I know exist?
  6. It’s getting old winning at stage 1 as any monster against any group of hunters. In one case I won with only basic attacks, using no abilities at all, at stage 1.
  7. If I leave a lobby, I’d like not to rejoin it a minute later. I left it for a reason, so please put me in the queue with other people instead.
  8. Still waiting for that proper ranked matchmaking system.

I’m glad people like Black_Aegis, xTrickzta and MaddCow are organizing community games, those felt refreshing and actually challenging. I wish there were enough of these to be able to play on a daily basis.


Speaking of. I might have a team setup for you on Saturday Striker. I’m still waiting to hear back from them though. I think I’ll try and get a primus ‘showcase’ from a really strong monster + organized Hunter team and see how it works.


Cool stuff. I’m already pumped for it!