Need Hunter Advice


I spent a good part of this afternoon playing the trapper. Every single time my friends and I were lucky enough to catch up to the monster, it either soaked up enough damage to survive until the dome collapsed or outright destroyed our team. I would really like some advice on how to beat the monster before he gets to stage 3. The damn thing always gets away and just feeds on the run or simply disappears until that final stage. Generator matches at the end are always close, but my team usually gets wiped pretty hard because the knock-back in this game is atrocious. There needs to be some way to counter chain knock.


  1. How the hell do you use the harpoons on the trapper? I put down like 5 of them, they take forever to arm, and are shrugged off by the monster. Are they even worth trying to use in a fight?

  2. What the heck does the wolf companion button do? (Its the left bumper on XBONE)

  3. Should the trapper be working on CC in the fight or laying into the monster with the SMG? Lets be honest, the trapper’s use in a fight is fairly limited.

Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated. I played probably 9-10 games today and lost every single one of them to a monster that kept running away until stage 3 and wiped the group at the very end. It makes me want to just sit at the generator and wait for the bastard to show up.

EDIT: For some reason the actual thread shows 1, 1, 2 for my question list. The preview shows 1, 2, 3…

  1. You have to anticipate his movements. You can’t just fire and forget
  2. The button? Nothing. Daisy tracks and revives players, but she’s completely AI controlled.
  3. CC. Definitely CC


What is the trick to placing the traps? Lets say I have Goliath domed in and hes beating the crap out of my support or medic, where should I be, and what should I be doing?


For the harpoon traps, try and spread them out a bit, this way the monster won’t get rid of them all at once. Also if when you’re chasing the hunter you place traps in main passages of travel they can annoy him later on.

If you place them at the top corner/edge of walls they are able to target monsters down below so you can expand their effective range.

If the monster isn’t being mobile and is focusing on one person in a corner, or is defending a body when your team has Laz, you should probably switch to the Smg and just lay into him


Harpoon traps should be spread out and placed around ledges and wide spaces. They take 1 hit to destroy, so wide placements prevents them all from popping at once. Each harpoon, once launched, take 3 seconds to arm.

Daisy is a “passive” ability. She’s always with you.

Trappers should be using their CC as much as possible. But Maggie is unique, once your traps are placed, dish out SMG. If you know some were destroyed or need new placement, do it and stop using your SMG.


Thanks guys,

I appreciate all of the input. I am trying REAL hard to enjoy this game, but the learning curve is pretty high for the humans.


Try out other roles. It took me a while to find my niche as the trapper, and I spent good hours playing each role, including the monster.