Need high level assault advice

Somehow I still suck after 600+ hours. So I’m asking for some high-level advice for playing as assault. I’m afraid I don’t have any way to record full matches (so unless one of you has simple, free recording software) we’ll have to make do like this.

Firstly, rock-blocks. I seemed to have lost my touch for catching all those pesky rocks. Nowadays I only end up catching under half of them.

If I miss a rock, it’s either because:
A) I’m too far away from the monster, or I’m behind it and he’s throwing it away from me. Even if I had a full tank I would be able to reach my teammate in time.
B) I boost towards Goliath to intercept and the rock flys overhead, or underneath, or to the side of me. I’m certain the rock was going to hit me, but it somehow dosent and now I don’t have any jetpack left.

I can’t seem to work out that sweet spot where I’m reliably catching rocks. Of course you’ll miss some, that’s only natural. But I’m missing more than I’m catching…

Feeding into my rock-related problems, I think I struggle with positioning as assault. Where are you supposed to hang around in a dome? When should you be using jetpack (vs Goliath / other monsters)? If your in a dome with lots of verticality, where should you do to cause maximum pwnage?

When it comes to being focused, how are assaults expected to handle it? I’m not the best at dogging any ways but unlike other classes I know I need to be able to face the monster (to keep the damage up) whilst also dodging the heavy-hitters.

This also links into the whole ‘when / how to use your jetpack’ as an assault.

What sort of damage output can you MLG assaults output? How fast do you expect to rip and tear that monster a new one? Sorry for the wall of text but I don’t think I’m improving much by myself.

Any feedback would very greatly welcome :slight_smile:

i love walls of text, im about to to post a big one, so get ready lol.

the best free reliable software you can use is OBS Classic(Open Broadcaster Software), its completely free,and depending on your settings and bitrate, it will only affect an average of 7-15% of your system performance.

heres a very simple tutorial video on how to do it.

the size per minute on videos are somewhat small unless your bitrate and quality that you set are very high.

some small common problems:

  • if you do start having suttering when watching your recordings, try to downscale the resolution on video and enconding options,lower the fps(this will not lower the fps in-game only the recording [take that fraps!]), or the bitrate as your pc is not beeing able to handle it very well.

  • you can customize the the way or videos look based on your systems performace that way,as well as disabling CBR And CBR padding(i dont know if thats a good idea, but i record my videos without it and have no problems).

  • if you notice that your audio is lagging out and coming only 1 or 2 seconds later,force desktop audio to use video timestamps as a base for audio time on advanced settings.

about your assault play on blocking rocks…

i suggest that you always have on you at least 2 jetpack boosts or 1, so you can dodge in the front of the rock,a common mistake would be waste the jetpack all the time to keep up with the monster which is fine, but things will go really south if the monster rock throws or focuses you.

also theres another way you can make this happen by making your focused teammate come to you, which makes rock blocking much easier, but you cant expect this to always happen as your teammate might find easier to just dodge,that he dosent trust that you will block the rock or that you are too far to block the rock.

when it comes with domes with a lot of verticallity it will depend on the assault, assaults like Markov,Blitzkov,torvald,Hyde can really punish a monster if he goes for a teammate that is roaching.
You can plant the mines on the top of the pillars, throw a toxic nade between its base and its top,you can straight out destroy a monster just by aiming up with torvald mortar.

other assaults can still make it work, but will have a bit more trouble, like parnell or lennox since their special equipment (3), dosent have any sort of area of denial, but a huge burst of damage.

r.abe well,you can just keep dotting the monster i guess…

every Assault has a way of dealing when they are beeing focused, but most of the time youll be the one relying on your defense matrix, and your team, if the monster focuses you, and you pop matrix, while beeing healed or shielded, you will quickly be outhealed and out shielded by the monster while taking huge punishment for it, which is why assaults are often monsters last priority of targets(with some exceptions like lennox and bltiz markov).

if the monster insists and you see that your team cant keep with the monster, make sure you have at least 1 or 2 jetpack boosts,and lure the monster to one of your special equipment in a confined place if you are markov or blitzkov(mines),hyde(toxic grenades), if you are torvald, aim the mortars towards the direction you are going (8m is the minimum remember) shoot and boost right under it,you will heavly punish the monster for focusing you(you can use this in conjuction if the team can keep up with the monster by outhealing & outsheilding the monsters damage. use this for maximum damage).

some assaults dont have these advantages, like R.abe, Lennox,parnell,Blitzkov(if he dosent have mines),so make sure you have at least 1-2 jetpack boosts so that you can rely on making a roaching , a pillar circling or pillar hopping until ur matrix is up again,or depend heavly on your team.

i recommend, blitz markov, lennox and torvald, they do a shitload of burst at once,blitz markov if you can keep the tesla gun beam until it reaches red and gold and lure the monster to your (gold mines hehe),lennox if you start getting 3x to 4x multiplier on your plasma lance + thunder strike, keep in mind that if the monster just slaps you with a melee he will reset their multipliers and will have to start all over again, same goes for blitz markov.

Torvald IF you can master him, i think he is the bursty assault in the game, but you will have to learn how to predict the monsters movement to hit em with your mortars , were talking about 175 * 6 (mortars) thats 1050 damage at once if you hit all of em(and thats with no perks!), and on a 5 second Reload time,the big issue is hitting his mortars, it takes a lot of practice and a lot of training to hit em consistently.

i hope that helped you a bit on how to improve your assault play. :slight_smile:


I’d help you, but I’m a Torvald main :smiley:

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I could always use Torvald tips so that’s fine. He is an assault after all…

Where do you hand around in the dome against a Goliath? A against other monsters you don’t have to rock-block, so you can sit on a nice vantage point. But when you need to be around to catch dem rocks, it becomes harder to land mortars.

Yeah but with torvald most thing are different than other assaults. EX, a medium distance, 20-30 meters is good for mortars, for Parnell you need to be in his fat face getting fat headshots.

I am not as experienced as @Torvald_Stavig in torvald, but I would like to suggest you stay at low ground and ask your teammates to stand next to edges so you can shoot mortars directly upwards into monsters fat butt

What Assault do you primarily play?

Don’t know who you main - I can only provde tips with Lennox.

Typically I manage 25-40k damage with Lennox on average, although recently I had a 50k damage game, against a Behemoth. I don’t have a picture of the numbers from that round, but here are two of my average matches.

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I like to play them all ('cept Blitzkov), but for the purpose of tryharding I normally pick Markov, Hyde or Parnell.

To be honest there are so many different things that can come in to play that can determine if you are doing everything right. First off taking the right perks for each assault and then are you play the most effective assault for a particular monster? I know in pubs you can’t tell what monster somebody is going to go but it is kind of important. My advice is if you have no idea what monster they are playing Parnell is always a safe and viable pick.

It sounds like you have trouble with the rock blocks. First of all this can be made easier with a working team and not a load of randoms. Most people playing goliath or any other monsters tend to have a pattern for using each ability. The way you want to handle things is predict when I rock is coming, get in close quarters with Goliath and have a some jetpack left over to boost/hover in to it. Its easier said than done but thats the way to go about doing things.

If you are playing against a particularly knowledgeable Goliath they will more than likely wait until you are out of position before using a rock which can be frustrating but on their end makes it more difficult to get your team down. By no means should you have block every rock anyway but its the crucial rocks you want to look out for which can end your medic or support. Basically later in a fight when jetpacks are low and they can’t dodge.

If they are getting hit by rocks every time thats no entirely your fault as they need to make an effort to dodge those but as I say when jetpack is out for them you need to sweep in and save the day. You will also find within a good team and again depending on the comp may actually all chip in to block rocks. On many occasions @Poncha our medic takes a rock as paladin because of the matrix and saves our support if I can’t get in myself. It goes for trapper and support as well.

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Humans are simple creatures. We like patterns. They make us happy. A lot of Monsters will cycle the abilities in the same (or very similar order) so learn when the rock should be coming up and then try and get between Goliath and the focusee.

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