Need help ~


So I’m curious to know if there are any stores that would sell a “Majoras Mask” necklace? I’m really looking for a nice one to give as a gift knowing she likes Zelda’s Majoras Mask I thought it would be fitting to get her one… Any ideas?


You would have more luck with an online store of some sort I can’t imagine a actual store to walk into.
Try this out


Or you could tell her something like, “I don’t need to be possessed by Majora’s mask, I’m already crazy about you.”

You can have that one for free.


@Squirmylookin ninja’d me. :stuck_out_tongue:
Etsy has some great Majors Mask necklaces.


The necklace is super cheap aswell!


I’m on etsy all the time, I love there items and selections



They have some interesting stuff sometimes, even stuff they give for free (if you pay for the shipping)


Found some at Hot Topic once. Try there.


Amazon always has geek stuff and it could be on sale. Try there if u can wait for shipping or can’t find it in a store.