Need help with Wraith


Hey Ladies and gents, Am coming here for advice on Wraith game starter, like what skill(s) & what perk too pick, for a not so good wraith player :slight_smile:


There are lots of threads discussing different wraith strategies - I’d really suggest reading those too. My favorite build for a “beginner” Wraith is:

Smell range / Cooldown Reduction perk
2 warp blast
1 decoy

2 warp blast
1 decoy
2 supernova
1 abduction

3 warp blast
3 supernova
2 decoy
1 abduction

For “starting” wraith players, that will give you the most utility to figure out which wraith game is right for your play style. <- That’s a pretty great guide for the Sky Wraith build that’s pretty popular right now, for some more advanced tips. Good luck!


Can´t wait too try that out, thanks alot for giving me a rough idea of what too pick.


I’d say 1 warp 2 decoy as stage one fighting is less a priority then juking hunters. Take movespeed perk to maximize distance traveled while cloaked.

Start of flying as far as you can by spacing out warp blast and traversal, start traversal first to get stamina regen going. You want to float as long as possible before popping each. This will give a strong strong stealth start, try to land in water regardlesss of how shallow. Sneak and eat from there, don’t use traversals if you hear jetpacks as it’s super loud. Remember your run is the only silent run, sometimes it can save you an encounter by breaking stealth!

Once stage two you go 3 warp and either 1 abduct or supernova. I don’t find either important really so whatever you want. From you become a highly aggresive pillar humper. Warpblast and heavy attack aggressively (every traversal resets heavy attack!) and hide and play keepaway to set up again. Always be moving and coming in a different direction then the hunters expect.

Try to keep a few wildlife corpses handy for armoring up cloaked. Play very carefully once armor is gone and make sure you very carefully weigh any damage taken. The only time your not in hiding and evading is when you are actively bursting.

Stage three if needed with max nova.


Here is the fast way of doing it.

Perk Cooldown Reduction/Damage Reduction/Damage Increase

Stage 1: Warp Blast 3

Stage 2: Abduction 3

Stage 3: Supernova 3

Forget about decoy. Its garbage as mostly any form of damage reveals you immediatly.

Why 3 in Warp Blast at the start? Most hunters get jetboost rushed in to your face at the start or they get separated from their team meaning you can pounce that Trapper/Melee him around/Warp Blast him directly and combo the three moves together in order to get a calm down and free escape from the dome.

Even if you get domed in a solid 4v1 Dome you can just jump in and out using Warp Blast in order to deal damage/throw the hunters off balance all the while you warp around the dome using LoS to maximum effect.

Stage 2 you go 3 Abduction because you want the added range and damage it brings. You abduct a hunter then you warp blast them and melee them down. Very straightforward.

Stage 3 when you go 3 Supernova you get a solid melee spam ability that caira cannot outheal especially when you combine it with Abduction and Warp Blast meaning you can out dps anything you need to.

Using abduction against a strong team is vital because it gives you the necessary control and forces the hunter to you instead of the other way around. Your primary source of damage is your Warp Blast and melees.

Never stick around to fight for too long or your armor gets quickly depleted and then it all goes in to your health pool.

Simply go quickly in do your combo and get out. If it went well you got a down if not then you just threw them off balance and slowed down their chasing potential (This works even in domes just fine)

Warp Blast is still good as utility aswell to escape domes. You can Triple dash and Warp Blast to get out of a obvious dome.

I never really lose when I build Wraith this way.