Need help with wasteland Maggie

I really want to get into Wasteland Maggie, but I really don’t know how to play her or what perks to pick. So can you guys help me out here?

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For Waggie I’ve been using movespeed bronze, wep swap speed silver, and damage gold for fun (though jetpack refresh is always nice).
I do almost the same amount of damage as the assault. Works quite well. You want trap out constantly. Try to beat the monster to breaking the tether. When you see him about to break the tether just drop a new trap. The wep speed swapping helps alot with this. Also the new buff to the Daisy’s AI makes her do alot more damage now. Hope this helps.

WLM is all about damage, so I would recommend going swap speed double damage. You empty a clip, put down a trap, and repeat. The swap speed helps put the trap out with as little downtime on the SMG as possible, and double damage increases dps more than poison rounds because it affects Daisy as well. You don’t need mobility perks because you’re unlikely to be focused


Do the poison perks not affect Waisy? O_o

yeah, pretty sure she does

It’s less that they don’t affect her and more that you’re only getting one instance of damage, whereas DI increases the damage of both the smg and Daisy. Does that make sense?

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Thanks for the help man! I’ll try this out after school.

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