Need help with the maffs (math)


OK so if my markov is 13W and 8 L. what is his record extended to 100 games???

im screwing this up cuz im tired and its pissing me off lol.

so if markov is 13W and 8L and parnell is 20W and15L. I want to even them out on the same number of games. aka 100 games total. so like 60-40.

Help me someone thanks!


For Markov: 62W, 38L
For Parnell: 57W, 43L


E = MC^2

Or something like that


ok i think i got it. its like a fractional thing instead of straight multiply and divide haha.

I also got some sleep. sleep helps


Sleep does help with brain function. Science proves it!


What are we measuring hereā€¦
@shin this gif is hypnotizing


Glad you like it. ^.^


I love math. please allow me to walk you through.

13W + 8L = 21 (total)

13/21 = 61.9% winning

8/21 = 38.1% losing.

because 100 is a nice round number, then the percentages are the exact amount in terms of 100 games. e.g. 69% of 100 is 69.

If god spoke a language, it would be math :slight_smile:


yeah i got no sleep monday as i boarded a plane from vegas and went to work lol. and we never sleep the last night of vegas. thats the man rule.

after i got some sleep i figured it out. now i need to take the time to make the post. my stats are all extremely close to macmans telemetry. besides monster lol. kraken is 66-7 lol.