Need help with high level monster play


So I mostly played monster in Alpha/Beta and on release I started playing in a 5 man group, and up until level ~35ish I generally stomped people without losing really being a concern. But now it’s like I’ve hit a wall and I get stage one domed almost every game, and I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. I know in the Alpha I’d sometimes be about to hit stage two as the dropship came down, but now I’m nowhere close.

Anyways, to summarize, my playing is fine, I land most all my abilities and if I don’t get stage one domed I almost always win. What am I doing wrong, or what are your strategies to avoid stage one domes against level 40 premades?


When I was watching some higher skill players (like those currently participating and winning in tournaments), they said you’ll always be domed stage one and assume you’ll be fighting. If you can find something like an armadon perk, your fight will be a lot less painful.

I don’t play monster, I’m just passing on what I’ve seen and heard because nobody else has answered.


That makes sense, except armadon perks are far from guaranteed. Not every map even has one, much less an elite.


Improve your survival technique in a dome?

That’s not meant to sound condescending in any way at all, but if you win when avoiding a dome it seems a sensible answer.

What monster out of interest?


Kraken usually. Which means the omni-present Cabot-Abe teams tear me up.

And it doesn’t come off as condescending at all, clearly I’m doing something wrong. I’m just not sure what I’m doing wrong since I’ve not had a problem before.


I stay the hell away from the trapper as much as I possibly can. Be constantly aware of where the trapper is, that’s my one most important tip. If you’re tagged, just give up sneaking altogether and break line of sight to eat small portions as you run away from the hunters. No point in evolving if you’re tracked, so just keep running until it wears off, and then begin sneaking to find a safe spot.

No safe spot in sight? Go to the far end of the map, attract birds there, then proceed to sneak all the way across the maps while the hunters survey the area you just triggered in. Of course, that requires you to be totally unseen when you go back to the other end of the map… It’ll buy you enough time to evolve without getting damaged in the process. Then, repeat til stage 3. You can engage at stage 2 with full armour too, though! I suggest focusing medic first, then Hank if he’s there-- if not, go for assault. Bait out his shield and wait for him to be vulnerable. Support after this, and finally, trapper.

OF COURSE, if you want to get out of the arena ASAP, focus the trapper at all costs! But why waste an opportunity to inflict a strike or two on the medic if you can, hmm? By the time you inflicted those strikes on the medic, the arena is probably very close to going down-- your cue to bail.


Do you use the same perks / skills each time? Could try something outside your comfort zone and see if that helps you.

I like to throw a mine or two in the wrong direction right at the beginning seeing as Abe has nothing else to go by to track you. Doesn’t always work, but it definitely does some times.

How fast do they catch you? If it’s before full armour that’s obviously something that could be worked on.


Right, I can do all of that, I used to never lose as monster lol. It’s just these level 40 premades keep catching me at stage one, at which point Cabot+assault melt me in a handful of seconds as Abe keeps me stuck to the ground.


well thats y kraken sucks


Usually halfway/two thirds of the way to stage 2. Always full armor. And I run CDR or Damage on Kraken. Either a 2/0/0/1 or 1/1/0/1 split, never aftershock.

Edit: @hohoho479 No lol, just means I need to get better. There’s always a way to win if you don’t make mistakes.


Hmm. See, ive not reached that point yet, but I’d assume vortex and mines would be essential early on vs dome as they disrupt what they’re trying to do. I don’t think I’d ever want LS at stage 1 vs premades as their damage will always out do yours? Survival has to be paramount surely?


Killing the trapper is a way out, and has worked for me running 2LS 1Vortex. And with Abe/Cabot/Markov-Parnell kiting in dome as kraken is just about impossible with dust+railgun through walls and Abe negating traversal and my ability to even walk.


I’m mostly a Goliath guy, but taking some risks in your sneaking/hiding usually pays off. I like the Smell Range perk. I like to get as much distance from the landing zone as possible in the beginning; that should give you enough opportunity to get your armor almost full. It also gives you time to see how they’re spreading out. Use the environment to your advantage – if you attract birds at one end of the map, you can watch as the Hunters head over there, and then make your way to the other side of the map with your back to the wall to keep an eye on them. It only takes about ten seconds to Evolve, so if you can manage to keep that distance between you and them, you’ll have an easier time controlling the map. Hunters get sloppy when they’re tight on your tail – use that to your advantage. I know Kraken’s mobility isn’t the same as Goliath’s, but the fact that you can travel over a lot of obstacles is a major advantage. If you go pure stealth (no S1/S2 engagements), you can get to S3 well before the End Game timer. I think high-level play has to be more about survival than making sure the Hunters have a fun time – if they find you before S3, they earned it; if they don’t, you did.


You on twitch? Fancy seeing the problem in full :smile:


I can be, do you mind if the stream is in 21:9 lol?

Edit: @BlazinHaydn forgot to reply to you.


Kraken is the best monster so far when played correctly. In high-level play, I fear a Kraken getting picked more than I do goliath or wraith.


The most obvious answer is to just traverse in a straight line away from them before the dome. Keep doing that sniff once more while evolving. If no hunter go through with it.


You’d think that, but a good trapper is behind the team, so that’d jet me right in to them. That also doesn’t account for stealth drops.


If the trapper isn’t there yet you can engage from the air right? There are no stasis grenades dragging you down yet so not much damage coming. I mean with vortex you have the best displacement ability in the game at your disposal and doming is the art ot intercepting the monster. If he does not cut you off, then you cannot be domed at all.

Knowing that this happens keep your traversals and get close but with e.g. a way to angle to the right side and traverse there if he pulls it. If not vortex which on hit also gives you 2 seconds to get abe behind you, which is all you need. Maybe your answer to not getting domed at stage 1 is playing a trapper yourself. You will see that those moments of opportunity against a knowing monster are very very slim.

Stealth drops shouldnt be happening at all, because e.g. I never sneak against suspected good teams. It slows me down for no reason so by the time they touch the ground I am already 50 - 75% ready to evolve. I eat and let them catch up and evade the dome, traverse straight away in a clean line for 5-6 traversals and abilities go behind a rock and evolve.

I play the wraith so I am more bursty in my speed but the same fundamental holds true for all monsters -> they are faster as the hunters. The only trapper that can break that rule is griffin with his harpoon, but you don’t see that a lot yet with the quickswap perk.


Don’t know where your from or what system you play it on , but send us your twitch name and I’ll be sure to watch :slight_smile: