Need Help With Evolve Mechanics


I can’t start the damn game! ( Evolve ) i don’t know why, it just don’t let me run it and ive played it 47h totally with steam. Do you have any sugestions on what could possibly be wrong or what to do? Im rly worried, i bought the game before release ( Pre-purchased it for : 44.99 EU + some DLC 4.99 EU so, 50.98 EU wasted or???

Please Respond!


Hi! What exactly happens when you try to launch Evolve?


I’ll tag @ArPharazon as he knows a hell of a lot about pc fixes. I hope a solution is found quickly and I’m sorry I can’t help you directly.

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Thank’s :slight_smile:


When i start it, it says “Running”, then “Syncinng” and then it just dissappear like i never pressed the button ( Play )


Be sure to post any information that might be helpful. Especially any error messages.


You could always try uninstalling and reinstalling it.


Hmm, I would verify the integrity of cache, first though, are you using Avast as your antivirus?


It sounds like a server connection issue more than software at that point I think.


Not even available to start the game so, nothing to post sorry :frowning:


I don’t really know xD


You don’t know what antivirus you have o.O?


I do but im fixing it at the moment so nope, none installed ( otherwise its called ESET )


Huh… Alright so it isn’t that… What programs are you running in the background? :stuck_out_tongue: I’m just trying to rule those things out and such


Only Chrome and steam, when i start it up its like the whole background gets a little white and then to the normal color…


You don’t have overwolf?


whats that?


Alternative to teamspeak, assume you dont know I am guessing you dont have it then :stuck_out_tongue:


Would knowing the specs of the pc help in any way? Just thinking in case it can barely run evolve and having programs open in the background might be too much.


no i don’t the only teamspeak program i had is “Curse”