Need help with dodging


I m even more realising i suck in dodging, or better said jetpack managment. I almost play medic or trapper, so for the first one is a really vital feature. Can someone help me givin lessons or something like that ? Thanks and peace. My name on steam is wamoo as well.


@MaddCow is your guy I feel, if not I’m sure there’ll be someone else able to help you out!


This links to an older forum post:

Which has some excellent tips to give you somewhat of an idea on how to use jetpack fuel!


Is there like a list of wich ability to evade and wich to tank for each monster ? And like what to do when bein focused as medic ? Got lots of probs there


The abilities you want to save jetpack for typically vary from patch to patch, other than a few that stay consistent (Leap Smash and Rock Throw from Goliath have always been the ones to dodge).

As for how to survive focus, that’s as much on your team as it is on you. My advice would be to always face the monster so you can see the start of the hard-hitting abilities and know to dodge. Roaching is more or less no longer an option, so there’s not much point trying to turn your back and run around things or climb up and down. Other than that, you have to rely on your support and trapper to sustain you and give you some breathing room, and the assault needs to pressure him with damage.