Need help with character perk setups


As the title says I need some help with some perk setups for specific characters. I have some setups in mind but I don’t know if its good or not.

R.Abe : SwapSpeed | Reload | Movement/Recharge

  • Focus more on swap and reload for constant dps

Cabot : SwapSpeed | Reload | Rocket King

  • It’s what I’m using now, seems to work just fine

Maggie : Movement | Recharge | Movement/Recharge/Rocket King

  • I just bought her. Idk about what’s best for her but from my experience against Maggies, a fast Maggie is a pain in the ass

E.M.E.T. : Movement/Thrust | Recharge/Thrust | Recharge/Thrust

  • He has low cd on his heal burst already and can spam buoys just fine. The problem is if the monster tries to get you. Movement and Recharge so that you will be harder to get to?

Kraken : DR | Feeding Speed | Grounder/CDR

  • DR cuz screw that post-dome chase, Feed for faster stage 2 (Kraken is slow af), Grounder or CDR for more dmg


Uhh… The objective of lowering his heal burst cooldown is not to get a low cooldown on healburst but to get more value out of his heal burst. It doesn’t matter whether its a 1 second or a 20 second cooldown. What matters is if there is enough value in reducing the cooldown, and there most certainly is.

What you may not understand is the more healing you have, the more useful healing is. I.E. If you healing can counter 20% of the damage the monster can do, and you double it to 40%, then you lower the amount of damage the monster can make stick by 25%. If you increase the amount of healing again from 40% to 60% you further decrease the amount of damage the monster can make stick by the even larger % of 33.333%, (repeating) despite the increase of healing being exactly the same.

Most of Emet’s healing comes from his heal burst which combined with the great numbers behind the class cooldowns perk, means there is great value in the faster class cooldowns perk for Emet.