Need help with a gift!


Ok, so my older brother is a huge fan of Evolve. He is getting married this weekend, and I’m trying to get him a gift. I want to get him a poster. But i can’t seem to find one anywhere besides the recruiting ones. But I was looking for something that he can put in his room. Can anyone give me a hand?


I can get you one, but you won’t have it by this weekend. PM me your address if interested and I’ll send it out.


Good guy DB


That’s amazing player appreciation right there. I have played games for years and how you guys interact with the players is amazing, appreciative and makes us feel you are just like us. I have grown tired over the years of developers treating us like nobody’s. Seriously, thank you Evolve team for being top notch. Please stay that way!


It’s great to see companies having this level of support and- dare I say care- with their customers. Good job, DB.


I applaude your willingness to help DB, and thanks TRS for doing likewise everyday…


Absolutely Awesome !


Hey ,i don’t know if its too late. I was quite busy with the wedding as it has taken place already. But i would still love to be able to get him the poster. Also, I can’t figure out how to send a private message :[


Not too late at all. Just click on my profile image and click on message.


Damn that love right there…

It’s like ok, I know Evolve hasn’t been the perfect game on release and all and its had its problems and PR errors and what not, and the whole DLC thing and now this Angry Joe review that hits home, but

When I see these things right here like this I’m happy to have given them my money. Such care for the consumers, if one thing this game got right its who they hired and how they treat the fanbase.


I completely agree with you. In no other game ever have i been able to get something like this helped with by a company. I have absolutely been blown away. I never expected for this post to have gotten any attention honestly. But it did. And not by just other players but by the company themselves. DB just informed me the poster was sent out. So as soon as it’s received i’ll be sure to post a pic of my bro and his wife with it. My bro also has no idea he’s getting this so the surprise should be nice.


Thank you guys so much. I love it! Seriously surprised me in the best way.