Need help understanding Monster Melee attacks


One minute I’m killing wildlife in one hit, then next it takes up to four hits. Sometimes as Goliath I perform a double claw attack which kills them, but then I randomly perform tiny slaps which do nothing.

In the recent patch it says somthing about Behemoths “heavy attack”, does this mean there are light and heavy attacks? If so how do they work?


First attack- Heavy
Next 3- Light
Basically goes Heavy-Light-Light-Light-Heavy, and heavy causes more damage (duh)


Ahh, thanks. If I preform a heavy attack, run, traversal then attacks again would it be a light or heavy attack? Like a cool down?


I believe there is a cooldown that is reset by 3? Seconds, or using an ability


Ok, thank you!


Pleasure to be of service :smile: