Need help Torvald vs. Kraken


I need some advice about how to play as Torvald against Kraken.
Should I even use his mortars or just stay on shotgun and shrapnel 24/7, and if I’m using Mortars should I aim them right at him, a little bit higher or what?

Torvald Strategy, Tips, and Advice Thread

The simple answer to this question, is yes.

I love explaining this to people.

Alright, geometry lesson.

Where do the mortars go initially when they launch?
The answer is up.
Where is the Kraken 24/7?

Simply get directly under him, and shoot straight up=Instant Mortars.

Absolutely beautiful. But remember, when you are not shooting mortars and he is 100m away, shotgun and shrap.


Torvald is great but you have to be really good at judging monster movement . Basically think where the monster will likely position its self next and fire the mortars in those positions.


You’ve got to get the hang of the arcing of the mortars. But it can work


Id listen to Torvald for… advice on… torvald…

But ya- Hes completely correct. Torvalds mortars arch straight up out his back and over his shoulders when he fires them. Basically fire them at a point “straight ahead” while being relatively under the kraken (once you get the angle down itll make sense), and they will just go straight up into his sphincter (if hes got one) region.

The other best thing to do is learn to time them when an aftershock. The cooldown on aftershock is just slightly longer than the cooldown on the mortars. If you find a kraken that is spamming aftershock off cooldown, punish them for it. Once you see one aftershock, count to 6 in your head, and get the mortars out and ready- Then just plop them on the person he is focusing. Aftershock if i recall has a 3 second cast time, Depending on the ranges youre firing from, this is perfect timing for the mortars to rain down on krakens head as he dive-bombs on someone with aftershock.

Between these moments, yes- Spam the shrap/shottie. Keep those markers on kraken at all times. Especially depending on what team you have. Hank is a great asset IMO against kraken with torvald because of how much more damage hank can do if those markers are painted on kraken.

If you have a buddy- Get them into a custom game. Favor the monster for balance, set it for no strikes so hunters die instantly, and have him wipe out the team except for you on torvald. From here just get him to fly and stay in one spot- So you can practice the angles needed to land the mortars from below him. This makes it 10x easier to get the hang of it than trial and error by actual combat.


Maybe you guys could compile your suggestions here: Torvald Strategy, Tips, and Advice Thread THANKS