Need help (life problem)


This isn’t at all about Evolve, but I’m posting here because this is the only forums I have an account on.

So I’m a 13 year old middle schooler. I dont know any types of good paying jobs out there for someone my age, but if you do please tell me. I can’t find anything. My mom and I are now broke. We sold my games, comics, consoles, clothes, all that stuff, so all we have now are a few pairs of clothes and some food. Our rent is coming up on the 9th of May, and we dont have enough to pay for it since my mom lost her job and cant get anyone to hire here nearby. So I need to get a job with good pay and that hires 13 year olds. If anyone knows anything I can do, tell me please.


There aren’t many places but try applying to places where they know you and it doesn’t require extensive experience or labor and they might accept you. You could also do personal jobs if really necessary such as dog walking for your neighbors or something.


If I could find someone to help walk dogs or babysit, I would, but where do I look for that kind of stuff?


People you know and that trust you that would be willing to help you.


Ill ask some friends tomorrow. Thanks


No problem hope you find something.


Post flyers for possible work like that. If you can find a job that would hire you (you are pretty young), you may need to get a work permit if you’re within the US. Your best bet right now might be going door to door asking to mow the lawn or something, but you’d need a lawn mower for that, probably. Are there any hair salon nearby you? I know this may sound like a stretch but you could get a job just washing hair and sweeping…you’d be surprised at the tip money.


We have a SuperCuts. And there are no lawns anywhere near me. I live in the city


Well your mom and/or you could look into a couple (good and real) online companies I’ve worked for. The first is called Lionbridge and the second is called Appen. It’s pretty detail-oriented work, but if either of you can wrap your head around it (mostly just rating if a site or ad is good or bad based on what someone typed in) then you could earn about $1200 a month. It’s not a ton, but the pay is $14.50 an hour and I for one like it.

I’m not sure if there are age requirements for it, but your mom could always try it out if there are and she might even like it. Hours are completely flexible too so you can do them anytime, day, night, weekends. Lionbridge is a lot easier to get into also. Appen is a giant pain in the butt, but is easier if you are lucky enough to get in. Anyway, good luck!


I’ll be working at a Cider-Mill in the fall when I’m 14, if that helps at all… Sorry to hear about your issues. Hope it gets better! :blush:


Whats a Cinder-Mill? And thanks


Y’know, Donuts, Cider, Caramel Apples? * Cider * Mill. Ring a bell?


Oh sorry. Thought you said cinder


No problem. Hope you can find something!


I would suggest then to post flyers on house cleaning. It’s a shot in the dark, but I know people who have done this and gotten some quick and easy-ish money. Basic vacuuming, dusting, washing dishes, that kinda thing.


Ill try that tomorrow. Thank you


Ok. There are a few employers I can think of that will hire that young with parental consent. These aren’t great jobs, but hopefully it will help.

  1. Market Basket: They are actually really good about hiring students, elderly, and special needs. They respect mothers and student hours, and are very accommodating around here. There’s also upward mobility if you do well. Starting pay isn’t great, but you can get OT and Weekend pay.
  2. Cutco: I hate this one… but I have a few friends that paid college on it. It’s door to door knife sales. The knives are super actually… REALLY good. But you still have to make appointments with people, go to their homes, and demo them. They’ll take almost anyone. Literally.
  3. Your city/town hall: They take volunteers for a great many positions: Some positions are actually paid (voting events for example) Always check and see whats available.
  4. Local newspapers: Making deliveries can make you some decent money for a morning. I wouldn’t call it a living, but it might help. ESPECIALLY if you have a lot of people in the city that read it.

@SledgePainter has great ideas too on do-it-yourself. My suggestions are really working for others… Less liability with my plan, but his are probably better for getting you quick money.

Also, just in case:

  1. Your mom can apply for housing assistance. There are places for mothers/children to go and pay rent based on their income. It can be a long line… but she can put her name in and might get in faster since she’s lost her income.
  2. It’s very hard to evict someone from their place of residence. Legally, you can get a stay based on whats called “Hardship”. Which is meant to help situations just like this.
  3. Do you belong to a church? Some churches keep housing for elderly or people in need as well. It’s worth asking. I can think of at least one that merely asks for community service if you cannot pay rent.

I wish you the best. This sounds really hard, and I feel your pain.


I don’t know the slecific employers or work laws for America, but as others have said- post flyers, ask people you know. When I was looking for work a while ago- 17, minited knowledge of English, new immigrant. I had no idea what to do. :stuck_out_tongue: So I see where you’re coming from.

Keep an ear to the ground and both ryes open. You’ll find something before long.

Best of luck.


Browse Craig’s list with your mom. Some newspapers still have kids work for them, but selling subscriptions and not delivering appears.


You are lucky, in Norway it was/still is impossible to get a job as an underage male if you don’t have connections. :confused: