Need help identifying a song


I downloaded this song a very long time ago (like early 2000’s) off of Limewire or some program like that back when they were popular. The song was incorrectly labeled as Blue Eon Apocalypse by Tool, despite that I always liked it but never did find out what its reallt called or who song it. I lost the song many years ago when my college PC died and had pretty much forgotten about it.

Recently I heard a different song that made me remeber this one. I decided to search the web for a mislabeled Blue Eon Apocalyspe song and managed to stumble across it on YouTube, but whoever posted the video also doesn’t know the real name of the song either or who sings it (They came also found it mislabeled as Blue Eon Apocalypse).

My Shazam app doesn’t recognize it and I’ve had no luck searching the lyrics.

Does anyone know what this song is called or at the very least recongnize the band?


No idea.

Sounds like hair metal Tool. Not bad.

Sorry I can’t help.


This song is like, the key to summoning the illuminati or Cthulhu or something. An ancient tune, sung by the elder gods to mortals from across the ages, to tell stories of the days of old.


One would assume such an important and all powerful song would have been named.


Oh it has a name, just not one designed to be pronounced with human anatomy.


Cthulhu wouldn’t use this song to be summoned. Not nearly hardcore enough.

Try using this site. I can’t be bothered because it’s past 1:00 A.M. for me and I need to adjust my stupid-ass sleep schedule.


Probably just some random local band that thought uploading their recordings to Limewire pretending they’re famous songs would gain the band more popularity.

There were a lot of these on Limewire.


I don’t know, man. If you can make out any lyrics (My older brother is sleeping and I don’t have earbuds) maybe I can find out that way…


(Rolls eyes)

Fine you may use them


Lol danks, bro. xD


Don’t call me that -_-


Would you prefer brah, broseph, or brethren? Lol


Yeah, I am having a difficult time understanding most of the lyrics too.

I think in the chorus he is saying
"I feed on you"
and one of the lines in with the chorus I think it’s
"I’m your blood"

but I’m not sure on either those, especially the second one.


That’s what I thought too, but all I’m getting on Google is a Bible verse. Lol I try some other part to see if I get anything else.


What I think might be the lyrics (WARNING: If you are iffy about violence, turn away now)…
Also, anything I’m just sort of guessing based on incoherent mumbles and am not even slightly knowledgeable about what it might be is in parenthesis. Good luck finding it!

[Verse 1 and 2]
Speak to you with my fist
come back before I slit your wrist
have to follow (you till the end)
(I’ll sleep too)

I feed on you, I’m your blood
I feed on you, I’m your blood
I feed on you, I’m your blood
(I’m not even sure…)

Blood [repeated I don’t know how many times]
All I do, cry for you
There’s no other choice for me
All I do, cry for you
There’s no other choice
(I don’t know)
*some guy in the background: Oh, yeah [lol xD]

Again, I’m not even 80% sure this is right, this is mostly based on “mumble singing”, so there is a good chance this isn’t the lyrics.


This is literally what I could hear too.


Also might be worth mentioning, during the chorus I was pretty sure I could hear “I feed on you, (your bones), I feed on you, (your blood)” But I’m not sure.


I have to agree with Rick. This is definitely a local band. There’s almost no mastering done which is a dead giveaway.


Uhhhhh Okay


Isaiah 49:26 is what kept popping up. lmao :joy: