Need help getting one last achievement! (XB1)


Hey everyone! I’ve been trying to get the last achievement I need in Evolve for quite some time. It’s the “Mano a Monster” achievement (kill the monster at stage three being the only hunter alive). As far as I can tell, this is pretty much impossible to pull off legitamately. Can someone help me out and play as a monster in a custom game to help me get this last achievement? My gamertag is “Olafaloofian” :smile: Thanks!


Improbable, yes. Impossible, no. You just gotta believe lol. I got it back in the old Wild West days of pre-nerf wraith. Although I totally understand why you just want to farm it and be done. Especially if it’s your last achievement for the game. Good luck. (I’m ps4 or I’d give you a hand)


Haha I’ve been trying to grab it in both solo and matchmaking for months! I just don’t get lucky enough XD Maybe I do just need to believe harder!


Be either Blitz Mark or Hank in arena. Then let your team die off after the monster is almost dead. Just make sure that monster stage is set to 3, wildlife: low, starting armor: 0%, sudden death: on.

This should work


Yeah, the Mano Monster achievement isn’t that bad to get now that there is Arena. I still haven’t gotten the Ninja Time achievement though, I’m pretty sure it’s not even possible, because there’s been a few times I swear I should have gotten it and didn’t.


I’ll help after I get off work. My GT is SQUARE Necron

@turwaith I believe I got ninja time on defend by lava bombing the first gen from over 100 meters out, repeatedly, and got a kill lol.


I was trying to get it using Gorgon’s mimic and spider trap, which SHOULD work just fine, but it didn’t give it to me. :frowning:


I got that one a few months after release in a game as post-nerf Wraith. Whole team was busy fighting a Nomad when they got the message “Medic has died” and saw me speeding off, cackling madly. Can’t tell you how satisfying it was.


Tech Sgt. Hank is the best with Behemoth. He will come to sneak pounce you when you’re alone, then you use the orbital laster on sudden death just before that happens and watch bobby die (did wonders with the hank challenge, thats how I got my achievement :stuck_out_tongue: )


Not if you help the bot team get his health low. Then the drill becomes instadeath. :emetangry:


i got it through SHEAR luck…


Ok, I suggest being Hank. Lure the monster out in the open. Now it will only work if the monster has basically no armor lol. When it comes to you, quickly orbital at your feet. Works best with Behemoth, and goliath. and maybe Wraith

i done it twice.


Puns! Gotta love them puns.


Thanks for all the tips, guys! I’m about to try it out again :slight_smile:


Or ya know… Farm it with me :wink: can we close this thread now? I helped him get the achievement.




You’re a good man, SQUARENecron.