Need help getting back in the game


Hey guys! I have had another hiatus from Evolve. Every week I tell myself to get playing again but something comes up and other games steal my attention away.

I fear that with do much time off the game that I’ve started to rust like mad. What is the current state of things? What should I aim for in Evolve to keep playing? Thanks for anything you guys can give. :slight_smile:


How long have you been away for first of all?


Ah…a couple months, give or take. I’d say the last time I played was mid-December.


Look at the patch notes on here and look at post’s then you will get the general idea of how things are,in terms of playing just play a few solo games you wont of lost any skill just match sharpness probably like dodging Rock throws lol


Okay, I would recommend reading the most recent patch notes then:

Kala also came out, she’s the most recent Support character:

Also, the devs have started teasing a lot of changes that will be coming in the next update which you can see here:


Thanks a ton, Plaff. What would this site do without you? :stuck_out_tongue:

Kala looks like a tough fight. I’ll check other threads on how to counter her.


If you’ve been gone for a while, perhaps wait a bit longer with jumping into monster. As Plaff said, some big changes are on the way, and if you start getting into the swing of things now, you might just have gotten used to it, only for things to change again. Just a suggestion


Hmm…I suppose that’s a good point. But with Elder Kraken on the horizon, I’d like to have some sense of what I’m doing when the rules change again. I used to be really passionate about Evolve, and I don’t want to lose it.


Fair enough. Most changes seem to come for the monsters anyway, so if you’re more of a hunter player, you can stick to them for the time being.

Then again, games are a bit like riding a bicycle, it’s hard to forget how to


I’m getting back into now as well. Also left around decemberish. Goodluck to you.


Fall into a bottomless pit of despair, obviously lol