Need help from someone with xbone and Twitter


Send me a private message if you are an Xbone player and have a Twitter account.


What do you need exactly?


Someone to test an uploading feature for my website


Alrighty, what do you need me to do?


Since you are already registered, just follow the steps in the upload section for uploading via Twitter. I need to see what kind of compression I get from XBone


Here you go.


no, you need to use the #IGPevolve for this pic and only if you have added your username to your profile


Which profile are you referring to?


your profile


Ahh I don’t have one. One moment.


you are registered to the site, aren’t you?


Apparently not. :smile:

Here you go!


thx, will tell you if it worked in a few minutes. you should be able to see that you received points and all that within 10 mins


I thought you had posted pics for the contest… oh well. My bad. Well guess you should now! lol


Thx for your help. Looks like I have issues with XBone. Can I count on you to help again some other time?


Sure just shoot me a PM.


You sure you entered your Twitter username properly in your profile? no @


Correct. :bucket_salute:


When you get a chance, can you send a few Tweets FROM YOUR XBOX (has to be from the console)? Don’t forget to use the proper #. Also, write a quick description BEFORE writing the #. Ex.: Kickass pic of Goliath #IGPevolve

Let me know when done


I won’t be able to do this for a while. Say…9 hours or so.