Need help countering bucket

Im honestly so close to making a thread to rant about how OP bucket is right now, but im going to give it the benefit of the doubt and instead ask for advice first.

I basically play exclusively as Goliath, and I am having a stupid hard time against bucket now. Hell, I’m having a harder time against than I am against all the notorioius compositions (Caria/Slim with Hank/Sunny).

I’m specially having trouble with Bucket at the relay. It’s absurd that im forced to walk into this place with 5 perfectly spread out turrents. Any hunters that I try to focus will basically just kite near the turrets while the turrets shread my health. And since Goliath is an upclose fighter I can’t really stay away from the turrets. Destroying the turrets isnt effective either since its so easy to redeploy them.

Tips please…

watch Wednesday stream in twitch he plays goliath a lot u will learn somethings that he does well…

U gotta max out ur Flame at stage 2 vs bucket … at stage 1 Wednesday distributes 3 points into 3 abilities mostly 1 rock 1 leap , flame/charge according to map…

Since buffs are allowed you might as well memorize the location of certain critical buffs and whore for them if you have to…

I’m sure u will learn a lot from Wednesdays stream I know I did
check it out :

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Thanks for the tip. 3 points in fire seems very useful! As for the buffs, i rather not play that way. I dont want to depend on them.

It seems like you were fighting a good Bucket player that knows how to spread the sentry guns. I suggest you focus on Bucket instead of destroying the sentries.

You can use firebreath to find him when he’s cloaked or charge to push him out of the sentry’s area :bucket_cute:

Edit: Also, make sure to spread that firebreath, you may destroy some sentries along the way :smile:

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I’d say you have to sacrifice some armor to get the first set of sentry guns. If you can locate bucket fast, you can follow him, and he won’t be able to spread his sentry guns anymore because he will be busy running. You can also hope that one of the hunters are somewhat short of thought, and will follow you away from the power relay when they see you. As someone mentioned above, you can max out firebreath, but when I play goliath I usually just put one point on firebreath and the rest on leap and rock. In the arena, you can try to avoid them and change location often, and do health damage with rocks and leaps when they follow you, eventually giving them a ping

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Is the DoT from fire breath enough to destroy the sentry guns or do i need to actually focus the sentry gun with FB?

Also, your name is making feel so much anger at you right now :stuck_out_tongue:

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In my experience, even if you are focusing bucket that doesnt stop him from dropping the sentry guns. He can basically run around in a huge circle and keep dropping the SGs while kiting you. God I hate Bucket.

I think you need to keep the fire on them for a little while, but again, it’s better to focus on Bucket :stuck_out_tongue:

hides :scream:

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I usually get him down within 10 seconds with a good rock throw and firebreath. The tricky part is if slim is on the team, then you’re just gonna have to spam firebreath everywhere

But, if you keep punching him, he will have trouble placing the sentries and you can destroy them before they get ready to fire.

Oh god, I’m telling you how to kill me! :scream:
flies away


*Activates Fire Breath!*

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I never thought I would see the day when a thread subject was “How to counter Bucket?”

@zind we made it…we are relevant!!

The best way to counter bucket is to keep moving and stay out of the turret next in the dome. The more distance the greater the spread on the turrets.

If you aren’t getting out of the turrets you are going to have a bad time. Obviously if you are playing a good team that forces an encounter in a tight space, you’re out of luck.

This must be the best tip, because this is buckets_sentry_gun so he must know all on how to manage and kill bucket.

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Ooooor he is completely biased and is actually telling me the worst strategy so I keep struggling against the sentry guns. I wouldnt put it past him :smile:


It may be… yeah, don’t trust him then. He is bucket’s sentry gun afterall, so I doubt he wants his leader to be killed easily.

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It definitely begins. :blush: