Need help balancing a support idea


Working on a support design here…

The ability is a copy class gun. Line of sight beam that copies and replaces itself with another class ability. The first major downfall here is that the player cant copy a dead characters class ability and cant copy again until after spending the class ability first. Also, cant copy your own team cloak.

Worringly, this can lead to infinately back to back domes as well.

How would you balance this to prevent constant doming? I’m at a crossroads here.

His other weapons consist of a medium range explosive weapon with small d.o.t and a dmg reduction beam (opposite of cabot) and support class cloak.


So a Support character that could essentially swap between cloaking and using a personal shield? That would be unkillable. Domes are the least of your worries.


Well, i´d say his “Copy class gun” could take most abilitys, except dome,personal shield etc, as it´d be gamebreaking if you ask me, as for damage reduc beam, could Work, it´ll be same as Sunnys jetpack booster, having a charge that´ll go down as you use it.


And heal burst.

i was thinking a high cd like 6-7 minutes but it just feels so o.p. prolly back to the drzwing board. Just hoping something salvagable out of class theif


Maybe copy class could pick a random abillity from target hunter. That doesnt sound bad actually.


That’s not too bad, but say you copied Laz’s cloak? Say you copied Parnell’s SS with your own Support high damage weapon?


Or what if it took one ability from each hunter, depending on class & character maybe?, so it´d be easier too balance around i guess.


Lets tweak it to replace with specific wheel placement. Bottom of the wheel. Wheres the main concern hunterwise?


Here´s my thoughts on how too make the “class copy gun” Work
Markov: 2 arc mines
Hyde: Toxic Grenade (2 charges)
Parnell: Super soldier, but only last half the time of the actaul one
Torvald: 2 shrapnel grenades

Crow: Gobi, but only one use or a Stasis gun (3 shots)
Abe: Tracking dart (3 shots) or Stasis grenade (2 charges)
Maggie: Harpoon traps (3 charges)
Griffin: Soundspikes (2 charges)

Slim: Healing drone (2 charges)
Caira: Acceleration Field (half the time of the actual ability)
Lazarus: Personal cloak (half the time or less then the actual one, too make it fair)
Val: Tranquilizer Gun (3 shots)


Hit Goliath with it, steal his rock throw. The tables have turned.