Need help against certain comps (As Goliath)


So I’ve been playing a lot of games (probably 40) over the last two days, and when I find a team that knows how to control their hunters, exploit how Goliath moves on terrian etc (which is not good). - I can forget about it. I get chased around for 20 min, even when I pick where to engage.

I don’t even know what to write. I feel like I get destroyed so badly that its not even funny. It’s so frustrating, feeling like no matter what you do, you can’t win.

I ambush, I sneak, I power through. Nothing seems to work. Not a single strike gotten, which is a problem, because I feel like I’m close to reaching my personal skill-cap… I only play Goliath, which is the only monster I have elite for. Don’t think I even have 2 stars in any of the others.

Obviously Sunny’s shield drone is my biggest frustration. Even when switching targets, it’s just like an aimbot-Hank at the helm - immediately saving my target from damage. At least Hank can’t shoot and shield at the same time. Killing the drone feels pointless, a new one is already on the way…

My worst comps are (in the hands of good players):
Maggie, Sunny, Torvald/Hyde, any medic except Laz.
Abe, Sunny, Torvald/Hyde, any medic except Laz.

Anyone have any Goliath videos where actually good hunters are the enemy?

Ps. I don’t mind losing games. You win some, you lose some.


Post some of your videos. Even if you dont post them you learn a lot watchinf what you did without worrying.You see things differently.


I don’t record my games. I should though.
Which software has the least performance footprint for video-capture?


All I can tell you is, as Goliath, lvl3 FB and lvl3 RT are your best friends. You just gotta get good at hitting them, and try fighting in the open, not in caves or closed spaces. I find Goliath to be much stronger when hunters don’t have anything to climb/hide behind and makes RT-FB combos down hunters in seconds.

I used to suck as Goliath, but ever since I started using stage1(lvl3 FB) and then stage2(lvl3 RT) I haven’t lost a game in ages, against pubs, skilled teams and even a couple cheaters.

Also, speed is your best friend. Stealthy Goliath doesn’t work too well. If you get domed at stage 1, never try to fight and keep leaping around/over pillars and breaking line of sight. Dome will often go down before they break through your armor, and even highly skilled teams will not do too much, or any health damage if you’re elusive enough.

And, a pretty basic one. Unless you absolutely, positively must evolve to stay alive, never do it if the Trapper has a dome ready.


I can’t comment on the skill level of the people I beat, but the people that beat me feel pretty damn good.

I use RT and FB a lot already, and I’ve started incorporating leap smash into my build, with great success actually. It deals massive damage, just have to be careful not to use it near a stick or a tiny rock, or it wont hit. Almost not being sarcastic here…

How do you get away from a Sunny boosted trapper with 3FB at stage 1?


You wait the balance patch ^^.


You are not alone, friend. I felt like I was finally getting my game together as Goliath, and 2.0 made me feel like I had never played this game before. I also don’t mind losing, but it can be demoralizing after a while.

My rule of thumb is S1, evade or focus Trapper (to escape dome). Same for S2, though now you should work the medic in. Do your best not to sacrifice health. Go back into evade mode before your armor’s totally down. The thing to remember with the new guys is they’re susceptible to strikes (sans Laz, of course). You can still see their shadows in the Spore Cloud, so slap 'em around, but don’t get greedy. Also, caves and tunnels are your friend as Goliath – if you’re going to engage in the open, stick to the high ground.

There is much to re-learn post 2.0.


If you get trapped, you run around in a dome and keep out of line of sight of assault as much as you can. As soon as dome is down, sprint to other side of map and evolve.