Need Friends on PS4 Evolve


I’m looking for friendly people wanting to play evolve competitively and casually with me and a buddy of mine. We live the game but team work is the most important thing. Add me on PSN: XxRevangancexX. Put in the description about wanting to play evolve and I’ll add you and we can have some fun!


sent one your way, with a disclaimer lol. :stuck_out_tongue:


Player finding links to the rescue!

Happy Hunting!


Hi I’m looking for 2 more friendly people to play evolve competitively add me mlm1993 must be decent players


Add me elite286, send me a message letting me know you want to play evolve i mainly play on the evening :slight_smile:
also is this group using voice communication?


Add me plz my ps4 name is evilfire11111