Need expert tips vs Caria/cabot/abe/hyde


Okay lets get this straight

I think of myself think an okay player. Im ranked at 96 on the global leader boards and mostly play monster/support.

I consider myself an good monster, mostly because i can beat nearly every team. Nearly

Caria, Cabot, Abe and Hyde.

That team i just have no chance against. I was stage 3 full health full armour, even had a strike from Abe being alone from the rest of the group… Literally could not do anything.

I focus one hunter down Caria spams healing, Abe spams the stasis to slow me. I focus Caria and Cabot, Abe and Hyde completely shred my armour like soggy paper. Goliath, Kraken, Wraith. I literally can’t beat that team.

So I’m looking for some expert tips to help my actually beat that unstoppable force.


That’s a very good team comp- they have excellent synergy. The key to beating a well-built team is to remove its foundation- here, the Medic. Now, seeing as they have no Hank, you only have to worry about Caira’s tankiness and the team’s ability to put the hurt on you as you pursue her. There’s no real tip for this next part- you just have to do everything in your power to down Caira. Use knockback attacks to keep her from self-healing, knock her into wildlife, whatever. Once Caira is down, Cabot or Abe will go for the revive. If Cabot cloaks, stay on that body. If its Abe… I don’t know, kill him.
Cabot is next priority once Caira’s on the dropship. Without a Medic, he’ll go down pretty quick- just keep his cloak in mind. Then kill Hyde, then Abe- they’re pretty simple.

Win. Lol.


Thats the thing, i use literally every ability to knock her down and kill her but she has those small intervals to heal and even if she does get low the support comes it and cloaks her away. Not to say the massive amount of damage the other 3 are putting on me.

I know i sound like a bit of a noob. Sorry about that :frowning:


It’s alright, we all find it hard to adjust to certain team comps. If you find that her self-healing is negating your DPS, you can try using wildlife to your advantage, try knocking her into acid, or try and corner her and continually beat her into the corner- makes it near impossible to spam heal nades.


hm this seems like a team that doesnt handle cliff fights very well. make sure you abuse climbing/traversal/any mobility ability often enough to negate abes stasis nades

dont focus cabot. cc him away so hes not in damage amp range and go on to other targets.
if ur a kraken, make sure to vortex caira around, preferably anywhere upwards, she cant heal when theres nothing to hit at nearby !
this also applies as a wraith, use your traversal upwards, then abdudct her. air time is bad for caira when she needs to self-heal

if youre confident, get some early strikes in.
CC is king as goliath, keep whacking them about


What monster were you?

Personally I would target Cabot first in a fight with them. His ability to tagt you with ease in the arena can make a monsters fight teribad. it also takes away some of the damage (this set up is high damage) and their ability to amplify the damage. 2nd on the list would be Caira taking away the medic is always a plus.

Did you get domed at any points during the match? I have a stance that if I get domed then they get a strike. At least one on some one. preferably the medic. That means in latter fights the medic goes down quicker.

Putting any hunter in the air is a plus Caira relies on a surface for her to do her healing. I’m not a great monster but I think those are some good tips :wink:


I try to target Cabot but the combination of Caria heals and Abe’s slows make it incredibly hard to actually even get any strikes.

Also i don’t know any ability that actually place a hunter in the air besides warp up then abduct.


I’m not at your level but I know what you mean. I love Caria those heals are insane. I thought I hated Hank until I played against Cabot. In < 30sec the hunters got a stage 2 Goliath with full armour and HP down to 50% HP. If you don’t focus him, just camping on Caria you’ll lose way too much HP.

Caria weakness is she needs about 2 or 3 chips to full heal and her reload is slow so unless she has reload perk I think your doing the right thing use your pushes on Cabot, Caria heals are aimed and can be missed so use that to your advantage.When Cabot stealths when your focus him, use that time to go after Caria as he cant use his beam without breaking stealth.

p.s. Remember you can (I know its hard in battle) use sniff and then use the foot prints to still follow Cabot in stealth.


Get them in the air by working them around cliffs. if you can force someone up a cliff Caira can’t effectively heal them(arc of the nads makes it harder then vals gun)