Need confirm from dev that hank overshield is a bug /exploit

as the title says, we need to know and have it confirmed here by an official evolve dev that the overshield with hank /techhank is an exploit /bug

Considering they’re changing these in the notes, I think that says plenty

Ts hank to my knowledge is intended as is however.


Yup. Ts hank his shielding works as intended AFAIK

He’s talking about this

(the decay rate on Hank’s shield burst is slow enough so that if you run some kind of class cooldown perk and use the burst whenever ready, you can slowly ‘charge’ a shield on yourself.)

Yes. They are supposed to only have a set capacity however for some reason or another they can overcharge it.

That’s an exploit and is being fixed.

well guys… thanks for the respond. but i needed somerhing from an official evolve dev so we have something “on paper” if ppl use that against us in tournement. so i appreciate everyone coming here and explaining it to me but your word wouldnt count if i would show this to an esl admin

Is that official enough? :wink:

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apparently no. that wouldnt be enought. The tournement ended yesterday and none of the teams used that. so if the fix is coming out before another tournement then we dont need the official confirm. reason why we need it is because esl is super picky about it so a clear “BLABLA is an exploit/glitch” from official side would be what they want

ESL are weird then. If they can’t take the word of a QA on an official forum saying they are fixing that behaviour being able to happen… well.

its always been like this…
but thanks for the resspond anyways