Need Better Skins like Dota 2/League of Legends!


The skins in this game are just bland, simple color changes. We need cool effects, new costumes, new animations…make it feel like were playing a totally new monster/hunter!


I agree, but that takes a lot longer than you might think. This isn’t DOTA or League, the entire character has to be re-modeled and still look good, that also means new damage models for the monster skins as well. I could see those skins costing much more than normal.


I disagree.
Change character models, change monster strategies.
Please dont.
I am for full body recolors tho


Full body recolors seem like the way to go.



yes this is on topic because it is indeed a recolor skin that very many people (by that I mean myself) seem to love


I think Slim has proven to every monster that you really don’t know who the fuck anyone is. Full body recolors won’t ruin anything since most monster’s utilize the HUD colors to figure out who’s who.


I would love to customize my characters!

Military spy Val camo
Magical girl Caira
The list goes on!


It’d be nice to see more colouring done, but you can only see your weapons in game anyway, so there’s a limit to how much it’s worth doing anyway in my opinion. Also LoL started out just colour changes too, was only once it got a lot bigger that they were able to employ someone with the express job of doing reskinning.


With the amount of work required in making new effects, body shapes and animations is pretty large. Would you prefer they devote the resources and time to making one of these skins or an entirely new monster?


I agree with full skins but refuse to acknowledge lol or dota as mobas suck :grin: