Need an option so you don't get thrown into already started matches


No one likes to get thrown in a midgame with a character they may not like and everyone having strikes and are the losing edge. I’ll keep leaving these games anyway.


Yes we need this @MacMan
can this be implemented in a patch
with a possible change to role preference?


Leaving means you earn a loss (if you care about your W/L rate) but staying means you could earn a win and have a better chance of getting your preferred role.

You are really only punishing yourself otherwise.


Not saying I leave.
but They could hand matchmaking better If organized Properly


I was referring to OP who said that he doesn’t want to join a game in progress on the losing side. Currently this is not possible so sticking it out is your best option.

Also, you are just delaying the time it takes to get you into a match with your #1 preferred role.


I constantly get put into lobbies where I have to play my 5th preference, monster. I tend to leave those, because it feels like 40% of my games. And I have also been getting tossed into games, where hunters have strikes, or monster started losing so he/she left. I tend to leave these as well, unless I got the hunter.

I would like to see some MM balancing. ^.^


i would like getting ingame if i could choose my perk ingame.
otherwise its ok to join ingame


I’ve gotten into games where the hunters are directly ontop of me, at stage 1 and I’m about 3 bars away from death. It really screws me over sometimes.


I think if you stay idle and let the bot finish the match it won’t count as a lose.
You can try that I’ve done it a few times when I joined in as a almost dead monster.