Need Advice when playing against Bob

Been having trouble playing against bob when I’m the assault. When playing assault I usually go parnell or markov. However, I find it really hard to get through Bob’s armor and even if you get through he still has tons of health. I play in pubs, so that aside. any tips?

All about dome placement, try and get to areas that have a lot of space and height difference to get up and away from him, and space out.
Torvald and Blitzkov are good

I recomend you renegade abe or hyde. They don’t burst so they won’t proc entirely Bob’s passive. Also hyde’s grenade is super useful against Bob.
As medics i recomend rogue val or caira, medics like val or slim are kinda useless because they have to keep their action up while Bob has instead lots of stunlocks to prevent you from using medigun and leechgun. Never pick laz. Bob can camp with no problems an incapped hunter.
For trappers i recomend griffin or maggie. Jack they think he is a counter, well he isn’t, a good Bob can force jack to discharge the repulsor while keeping a bit of stamina and then surprise him with tongue grab and fissure.
For supports i recomend sunny and bucket. Sunny because she can place the drone away from Bob and the fight so Bob has to choose between wasting time or go to destroy the drone and take free dmg. Bucket is really good overall and against Bob try to spread out as much as possible your turrets, he has a hard time clearing separated objects.
Hope this helps!

I’m sure this will start a shit storm. The supports mentioned above are obviously viable but I’m finding a good kala works also and i stress the word “good” kala. Bob has a lot of armor and dr. Anyway to bypass that is nice. I’m noticing unless he wants to piss away a fissure or lava bomb he has a hard time going after teleporters. Again, not recommended for pugs. Premades only and if you wanna mess around :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah i didn’t mention kala or cabot because they are team-reliant to be properly efficient. Though i still think that offensive supports like them aren’t that good because offer a lower protection. In combo with caira and rogue val they work worse than with bucjet who offers more defense by resetting class skill cd which is absurd. So yes, kala and cabot aren’t good against Bob if you go solo q.