Need advice on Torvald



I really love to play hunter with the stage two update, and lately i’ve been playing a lot of torvald, but I generally tend to lose games in which I feel that it’s my fault because I wasn’t dealing consistant damage.

I need some advice on how to position myself as torvald and when and how to use my kit (especially the mortar, the damage on that is so crazy that missing even a single round can devastate the damage output)

Any tips?

EDIT: oh also, some tips and opinions on which perks to take is really appreciated




@ToiletWraith thanks for the tag.

I haven’t gotten to screw with Torvald’s Perks quite yet unfortunately but I really like 50% quick switch and what ever else I can get into capacity + Reload speed.

I’d be more than happy to answer more questions so be specific about what you want advice to.


Thanks for your time.
Here are some key things i need to know about:

  • What is good positioning for Torvald? Since he’s assault, you generally wont get focused, so I tend to try to get as close as possible so that I can get my shotgun damage maximized. But by being very close this somewhat nullifies his chance to use mortar when it’s up. Should I stay a bit more far away or can that have a large impact on my shotgun?
    EDIT: regarding the shotgun distance, let’s say I’ve put a high amount of weakpoints on the monster, if I get extremely close, will this make it so a lot of my shotgun rounds will miss the weakpoints?

  • How should I properly aim my mortars? This one is a bit harder to explain but I’ll try to be as clear as possible, what I usually do is aim for where the monster is going to be, especially when the monster is focusing its damage towards a single hunter, what I generally do is aim the mortars a bit behind the hunter, but many times the monster just ends up jumping out of it or the hunter takes a different direction than i expected. I also try to barrage fleeing monsters when the dome comes down, any tips on how I can get a proper aim, and do the mortars have a maximum range?
    EDIT: one last thing, when you are being focused, is it a good idea to use jetpack fuel to gain some height and then mortar right below you? I tend to do this a lot though only some few times it’s successful

  • How long is the cooldown of the weak points once they are on the monster? and how many weakpoints can a monster have in total from my grenade?


Reload speed, capacity are good perk for torvald.

Try not to fight in caves where his mortal will end up hitting cave’s ceiling. Wide open space is more welcoming.
His mortal is very good against committing monster, especially when he is trying to focus down your support/ or medic. You are right, aim where the monster is heading ( focusing ), to protect your teammate.

Sometimes, you might need to “face tank” the monster if he is really focusing hard on your medic/support.

Keep swapping between your shrapnel, mortal and shotgun, and make sure keep the weak points up.

Remember, the weakpoints are not only for you, its for your teammate too, example - Hank, maggie, griffin’s machine gun are good in hitting those weak-points.

I wouldnt blame your low damage output if monster tends to run around , especially at stage 1, trying to mitigate damage. With current “dome system” any monster that running around will have a FULL dome time which is 5mins, but you need to make sure monster is not downing any of the hunters.

You job is to flush the monster out while your teammates support you. DO NOT go in together.

Not sure whats the max weak point and range for his weapons.


I’ll answer each of your questions in numbers since they are bulleted.

Ideally you want to keep a medium range, ideal so that you can use the shotgun for headshot damage and get the most out of it. Medium range is also good for mortars because depending on how far you are from the monster the mortars drop at different speeds. Too far away- The monster has longer time to react to what he hears and can dodge them, that and it makes it harder to predict the monsters movement if you are far away.

Tell your friends to stand on cliffs, when the monster focuses them shoot the mortars directly at their feet so that you get instant mortars. Also remember that if you are below something like a platform that mortars go through objects.

You want to be at a medium range again because at this range (10-20 meters away) you can hit all bullets on one shrapnel grenade, or the spread will hit others on the monster’s body.

Properly aiming mortars when a monster is not fighting requires tons of experience, you have to think where the monster wouldn’t expect you to shoot.

In a battle you of course have to shoot where the monster is focusing, time the barrages correctly so that the monster will tank them possibly while they are doing an ability, catch them off guard.

It’s all about prediction, that’s what makes a good Torvald.
To know how important mortars are to his kit.

If you catch onto the fact that this monster hates mortars and jumps out of them when they are focusing, take note of where they jump to, most likely they will jump to the same place over and over again, so just mortar that area watch them try to dodge, then laugh when they dodge right into them.

Tips on what I call random mortars would have to be depending on where the monster is headed after the dome drops. First you must examine where they are fleeing, is it straight? Can 100m of mortars go right down without hitting debris?
Next line up your cross hairs 50° off the monster in the air, and let them fly.

It’s just random luck If they hit, that’s why I call them random mortars.

The most simple way I do it, is when a monster focuses me in that rare occasion, do a 180 so that the monster is behind you, look the distance that the mortar restriction is, I forget something like 5 meters close to you and mortar the ground, then boost into it. This makes it so that the mortars explode on top of you, if the monster really wants you he can eat some mortars.

I do a combo with Torvald, leading into the fight with Mortars, then I do Shrapnel, then shotgun, repeat.

In 2 turns of this I believe they disappear. Sorry I don’t have an exact time.


Thanks a lot for your advice, trying it out as of now :smiley:


Let me know if you need anyother tips.


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