Need advice on hosting battlefy tournament


Just trying to reach out to Seeds or someone who would help me set up a tournament on battlefy for xb1 this weekend 2/27. I should have some casters on hand too. Nothing too serious but I know some people who would like to enter it so we thought we would host one ourselves.

XB1 Evolve Community Battlefy tournament on February 27

Why not tag the resident casters, @Seedsy and @SuperbadJuJu ?


Didn’t think of that thanks tho


If I create the tournament on battlefy, can I play in it?


That’s really short notice, I’m not sure how many people you would get to sign up.


I have two teams right now and a few free agents trying to get more so if you have any people on xbox one tell them to hmu at this gt alexandrkickass


Being so you’ve made another thread that seems to be your main one for the tournament, do you mind if I close this one? It doesn’t have much purpose now. Seedsy and SuperBadJuJu could either PM you or use your newer thread to sort stuff out. :slightly_smiling:


Yes close this please and do you know if someone else is already hosting battlefy superbadjuju wanted me to ask but there is not one available to sign up for yet so that’s why I was going to make my own


I wouldn’t have thought so if there’s not one to sign up for. I’m not certain though so don’t quote me on that. :smile:

Not sure who normally organises the tournaments either so I can’t point you in the right direction. I always thought seedsy or superbadjuju sorted these things out. :laughing:


Closed as requested by op.