Need Advice on Goliath


So, my kraken is sitting pretty solid right now (thanks for the advice rapterror). 3 into Vortex, and then 3 into either lightning strike or aftershock. That’s enough to win at S1 with a good buff or wildlife, even sometimes without. Goliath… I’m not sure what to do about. Thanks to the bloody carrion birds, I tend to get caught sooner rather than later, and almost always end up forced into a fight at S1. And with a good medic- or worse, a good medic and a good HANK!- on the other team, it pretty much becomes GG. Heck, I was told fighting my goliath was boring because he goes down too easy. So any tips on how to be more effective? Typical S1 loadout is 2 firebreath, 1 charge. I generally leave a false trail at the start of the match.



When I use Goliath, I tend to give into the ranged attacks. 2 into Leap Attack, 1 into Rock Throw.

I try to sneak as long as possible, it’s difficult, but so long as you spam smell and keep track of the Hunters, it’s possible.

I reach S2 and place 3 points into Charge. I then gain all my armor back. If they catch me before I hit S3, it will still probably win. So long as you know how to chain your attacks, you’ll keep the enemy stunned enough to take them out.

Of course, a Goliath with full armor at rank 3 will probably always win unless the player throws their controller/mouse & keyboard into a disposal… Even then a few buttons might be hit and they’d still win.



I think your post needs some…


Carrion birds are less common if you choose to eat 3+ meat mobs or you devour prey within caves. It took myself a bit to learn this as well, be patient and try to find meatier prey. Otherwise, balance how many low meat mobs you kill/devour so your chances of carrion birds are less likely to occur. But even with this in mind, sometimes it’s just bad RNG.

I feel as though the reason why you’re getting caught isn’t because of the carrion birds, but because you’re not aware of your surroundings. Note: You are sneaking early on, right? :stuck_out_tongue: Moving along… Don’t get me wrong, Carrion birds help the hunters pinpoint you faster, but unless the hunters are cloaking in to dome, you should be able to see them coming with your sniff. Do not underestimate spamming that sucker. Also: listen in for their jet packs if you can’t see them. This can be a clear indication that they have cloaked and are closing the gap to dome you.

I’d say, for all that is good and holy, do not engage at Stage 1. You may have been able to get away with that early on, but more coordinated and experienced teams WILL MELT YOU. When it comes for what abilities to start out with, it’s personal preference. If you want what I usually go for, it’s 1 Leap, 1 Charge, 1 Fire. It gives you the required mobility you’ll need to cheese early domes AND will basically reduce Abe’s stasis nades by a GREAT DEAL. While we’re talking about early domes, you need to keep in mind that a dome doesn’t mean you have to fight. ALWAYS keep moving! Jump to one side of the dome, wait for the hunters to come get you, and then jump to the other side. Waste their time until you can get out. Fight only when you believe it’ll be worthwhile.

Now if you’re facing off a good Hank or the team has a good Caira, you WILL need burst (via 3 point abilities). No exceptions. If you went my route, it’s pathetic in burst. It’s really for mobility when things get hairy. Don’t be afraid to never fight until you hit stage 3. The goal is to win, after all ;3. Ending ability points are subjective to whom you’re fighting, and as you gain experience you’ll know which abilities are favorable against certain comps. But if anything, you should seriously consider always having a plan to have a rank 3 rock throw. That sucker DESTROYS hunters if it lands! But experiment, find out what works for you ;D

P.S. Try to save at least one traversal while running away from a group. That traversal + charge + leap smash may be the deciding factor for whether or not you get domed. Also: Leap off of high vantage points to get more distance out of that single traversal!


I usually try to put my points so I have 3 abilities right off the bat. This helps if I get caught out so I at least have options. Generally go RT LS and either charge or FB or LS Charge and flame breath. Either way having LS and charge is amazing for when you want to stay ahead of them.

Charge if I plan to run and flame breath to feed. Charge is usually when they have a Maggie so I know they are gonna be on my ass right off the bat and flame breath is usually for Abe and griffin since I know if I sneak right off the bat I have more time to feed and getting the food dead faster is usually the best choice.

For perks it really depends on what I want to synchronise with my abilities or what I plan to do. I usually go with stamina recharge or feeding speed if they have a maggie and I want to keep my distance. Ability cooldown could work to but that only really helps you use the abilites to run.

A heavy damage comp I run damage reduction and if they have hank I might run damage increase to pound through the shield faster if need be.

Not much you can do about Carrion birds besides try to get more meat for your gut by trying to find 3 meat creatures and if distance permits it, taking out a big thing like a sloth or armadon.

Sneak right form the beginning like your doing but only for a certain distance you just want to not give them a trail to follow then once you have enough distance that they won’t see you footprints right away, start hauling ass by leaping,charging leap smashing etc. Sneaking means very little if they are only 100 meters away and can potentially see you


I’ve run into trouble with 35 lvl + hunter groups recently with Goliath and started running something different thats given me a lot of success that you may want to try.

The typical 2 flame 1 charge rush to stage 2.

Stage 2 put 3 into rock throw for crazy good burst damage. Toss it as often as possible. Even while you run away from hunters. I’ve downed players on my way outta fights before with it. Focus whomever you desire tho I usually target medics, hanks, trappers.

Stage 3 max flame and toss 2 into leap smash.
Just for clarification your stage 3 would be 3 into rock, 3 into flame, 2 into leap, 1 into charge.

Always take damage enhancement or damage reduction as your perk. I find that if you dont have one of these 2 good hunter teams make things hell for you.

Give it a try if your having a bit of trouble. I’m finding its pretty damn viable against higher caliber hunters. Switched from feeding speed and its making a huge difference.


Huh, I usually use ability cool down like I do with the kraken. Is that a viable choice as well, or should I be going for the damage buff/reduction?


Man i am gonna give these a try, at lvl 20ish i been running into many competent hunters who can served my sorry ass on a platter. What will be some good ways to shake pursuers? I am having a hard time just getting enough distance with ol leap/charge.


I’ve been disappointed by cooldown on Goliath. The reason is two of your skills should put you into melee range and leave you opportunities for melee attacks, which relieves some of the pressure.

I prefer damage reduction to damage buff as you normally do enough damage to kill whatever you have to.

I still consider the feeding speed perk useful, especially if you find you’re playing against Buckets or Abes that may very well keep you perma tagged. It allows you to feed without really stopping (lvl.2 firebreath will toast mammoth birds fast enough so that you can much on them in a blink and stay on the move)


I’m a self proclaimed goliath expert and here is my build lol. I use the monster ability recharge perk with all my builds.

Start off with 2 in fire breath and 1 in either leap smash or charge. I like leap smash because it does more damage but charge has the added utility of being used as an escape tool in a pinch. 2 pionts in fire breath allow you to rapidly farm almost any wildlife you come across. DO NOT EAT 1 meat wildlife as they will rapidly increase your chance of spawning birds for low armor/evolve gain values. The only times I eat 1 meat wildlife is if im topping off the last bit of my armor. Eat and evolve as fast as possible to stage 2 and put 2 points into rock throw (this is goliaths most powerful attack and you would be wise to learn to use effectively), leave fire breath at 2 points for now, and finally put your last point into either leap smash or charge. So your stage 2 build will look like this 2 - rock throw 2 - fire breath and 2 points in either leap smash or charge depending on which you like best.

Now go quickly max out your armor and prepare for your first fight with the hunters. When you reach full armor pick an area on the map that will work to your advantage. Good spots for goliath include caves, terrain with lots of cliffs and elevation changes, and near hostile wildlife like sloths, tyrants, megamouths, and those long legged grazer things. Your goal here is gage the hunters skills to see what your up against and to try to earn a couple of strikes against them. If Laz is the medic then you must focus him down first. If Laz cloaks evade the hunters until he reappears then try to incap him. Dont worry about killing him unless you a lot of armor to burn instead focus on downing another hunter such the trapper so that you may make your escape. If Hank is in the group and making good use of his shield projector you may have to make him your primary target. Same rules apply here if he cloaks just evade the hunters as best as possible until he reappears then keep the pressure on him until he falls then immediately turn your attention to Laz if he is in the group.

I can’t emphasize this part enough - Do NOT get tunnel vision during you stage 2 fight. Do NOT go for the win unless you have a big advantage in armor and have downed and killed at least 2 of the hunters otherwise you must run away and get ready for the stage 3 fight.

Once you have downed a couple hunters your armor is probably spent and now its time to run and put some distance between you and them. Eat and go to stage 3. Armor up fast and put the last 3 points into your abilities so that it looks like this 3 - fire breath, 3 - rock throw, and either 3 in leap or charge depending on what you like most. Now is a good time to punish the hunters if they are missing a team mate or if the medic hasn’t healed everyone back up. Stage 3 fights are pretty straight forward. Most hunters will go to the power relay and wait for you. Engage the medic first or hank if he is present. If there is a competent Laz and Hank on the team take out hank first then immediately turn your attention to laz while keeping an eye on hanks body. If laz cloaks return to the body and keep throwing random attacks at it until Laz reappears then finish him off for good. The rest of the team should fall quickly after this. If someone runs away then attack the relay to flush them out of hiding and finish them off for the win.