Need advice in trapper perk choices


when ever I play trapper I choose Eriffin, but recently I want to try out other characters
I just want to know what perks are good for abe, crow and Jack, perhaps Griffin
I am thinking of using
Abe :QS/reload/acid
crow : dmg/qs/reload
Jack: qs/cap/cap
Griffin : qs/reload/acid
btw I’m using thrust/qs/reload on Eriffin

What perks should i get with maggie and waggie?

Abe-jet pack full
crow-switch speed and movement speed
jack-full vision perks
griffin-poison rounds and swap speed


Jetpack recharge x 3 on all

On E-griffin Quickswitch/Reload/Reload

That’s what i run at least


I usually run quick swap as my first perk on all trappers because you are almost constantly swithcing between 1 and 2 for all of them.

Griff quick swap, reload, poison
Egriff quick swap, reload, jetpack recharge rate
Maggie quick swap, movement speed, poison (I tried swapping the order of the last two, one works better with some monster, some with the other, so it’s a gamble)
Waggie - lol
Crow - quick swap, jetpack recharge rate, dmg
Abe - dmg, dmg, jetpack recharge rate/movement speed
Jack - quick swap, jetpack recharge rate, reload

The ones I play the most are griff, maggie, crow. I played waggie and jack the least.

I feel like for playing certain trappers it’s a lot more about the way you track and where you use you abilities (planet scanner especially) and where you tell your other teammates to go than it is about the perks you are using. Of course they help and you should try different ones for diff characters but I feel like most of the people don’t understand the fundamentals. Often I have to tell each person where to go because 2 of them are just trailing behind me and they hope I’m gonna catch him. In pubs I tell people single way point is where I think he is and the other two should go there and we have to spam ping when we know where he is.


For Maggie, I take Gunslinger, jetpack recharge, and Acid rounds. I like the quick swap speed and acid rounds for a little bit more damage, she the JPR for helping with better trap placement.

For Wasteland Maggie, I take Damage Increase and double down on Poison Rounds. She’s all about damage, so play to her strengths.

For Abe, I like taking gunslinger and double damage increase. I like switching to the stasis grenades after emptying the cylinder, to keep the monster in constant stasis. The double DI lets me keep that cycle while not giving up damage.

Crow is the same as Abe, except with afterburners because of his chase potential.

Jack desperately needs double capacity to be viable.

Oh, and for Griffin I take afterburners and double poison for that chip damage post dome


With Crow you do not need quickswitch, movement is the most important thing. I’d run with two movement perks and either a capacity or reload perk.