Need Advice/Help


Anyone know how to deal with a team with sunny using Behemoth or goliath? (When i say team I mean premade lvl 40 with elite)


Kill the trapper when Sunny boost him throwards you.
You could also try to break as much line of sight as possible, because the trapper have to follow you and break line of sight with Sunny.


Premade teams aren’t like this because they usually have medic assault with trapper so doming is invetable. I don’t have a problem with them in tight spaces but open spaces are different. I just need a way to negate sunn’y jetpack booster


Well, boosting three team mates are not especially efficent, unless they already are close to you.
If it’s just the medic and trapper, you should be able to outdamage Caira(worst chase scenario) as Behemoth, even at stage 1. If you are Goliath, you are screwed.

So breaking line of sight might be the best option. Don’t run trough the middle of Aviary, as an example.


The situation im talking is about a dome with the entire team. I just need help on how to deal with Sunny boosting whoever your trying to down away from you and have them instantly healed by the medic. I can down the hunters but ut takes tim and they end up doing massive damage to me


Break line of sight. Easier said than done, yes, but at this point…Nothing more to do. Focus on distance, juke if you’re confident enough, and break LOS if they have Griff/Val/Crow.

To be honest, running from Stage 1- generally after a dome or knowing the Hunters have a dome ready- if they have Griffin/Crow, Val/Caira and Sunny, there’s not much you can do.


So in the situation you are already domed? Ok, I see.

Tongue grab could be used to snatch them out of the air and if you feel lucky you could try rock wall, but that would probably require some luck. If it’s ever fixed, that would be an option.

Lava bomb will be pretty weak, but fissure might be what you need, because it knock hunters around, which make them unable to use the jetpack, no matter if it’s boosted or not. Same goes for rolling and heavy melee attacks.


I usually run with 1 rock and 2 lava at stage one and that usually wins me every engagement, but every game with a competent sunny is different. In those instances I just minimize damage and try to get to a cave of some sort.