Need Advice Fighting Torvald as Behemoth


As the topic says, I could use a lot it help dealing with Torvald as Behemoth. I have minimal trouble as any other Monster because I can dodge his mortars, but even Behemoth seems incapable of tanking them and there’s no other real way to get anything done that I can see other than taking the mortars and hoping somebody dies before I do. Especially with so many Caira/Hank teams running aroud, my options for dealing with Torvald seem very limited, and I could really use some help dealing with him. I lost a match earlier that I had no business whatsoever in losing and had two strikes on everybody and almost half armor and three bars of health left at Stage 3 and even with Behemoth’s massive power, I couldn’t even kill one Hunter before Torvald finished me off. I have absolutely no idea how to deal with him as Behemoth. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated


AS the single worst behemoth player ever to exist, my advice is as follows:

Eat him.


You must find caves and use rock wall. I had to deal with it earlier against a pretty good group of players using Caira, Cabot, Griffin, and Torvald. Damage Amp + Mortars literally took out almost all of my armor in one go. You have to listen to the mortars when they fire and roll as soon as you hear them. Save your traversal for that reason and to lure them with rock wall. Take down Torvald if you can, but really aim at Caira because once she goes down it shouldn’t be too hard for the others to fall in line.


I contest that claim.

No intelligent team will ever, ever, ever, EVER follow Bob into caves unless he’s on low health and no armor or stage one and lowish armor. And Rock Wall is bugged to hell. :stuck_out_tongue:


As behemoth I’ll rather fight torvald than hyde any time. Hyde has that flamethrower + stink bomb to bring in real pain.


The issue for me was it was on Dam and I was Stage 3, it’s really open there so I didn’t have many opportunities to lure them into a cave.


Escape and Enter


Don’t fight stage three anything on that map. It’s better to run around the map hunting the monsters down one by one than get banged from all sides.


This is gonna suck to hear, but the moment you hear that tinktinktink! sound you HAVE to disengage whatever target you’re focusing. You’re garunteed to take damage unless he’s at a moderate distance, so it’s best if you can mitigate the damage as much as possible. Rock wall is yer friend here, so prioritize the medic or support when you can.


Good thing about Torvald is that he is quite loud. When fighting him, listen for multiple loud pops. When you do hear them, run, roll, or rockwall (rockwall may not always work). I usually try to solo him out first and get him incapped. It’s amazing how much damage you can do to the medic or trapper when you aren’t constantly getting hit by Mortars.

Also dodging them will depend on the player. There are 2 Torvald players, ones who shoot on the spot and ones who predict your movement. Try to use the first part of the first fight to see what type they are. If on spot, strategy above. If a predictor, then wait a few seconds for it to detonate or change direction.

And as Mortalbound said, eat him.


if they dont follow into the cave when free snacks inside it woo


Rock wall isn’t that buggy so long as you know how to aim it.

If they don’t follow you, then you have free range to move about and find wildlife to eat. If they stay around the entrance and exit, then tongue grab one of them in and trap them with the wall. I guarantee you they will try to engage you then.


Proper Rock Walling is the only way to make proper non suicidal attacks against a Torvald comp. Especially at Stage 3 on the relay, though I don’t know if that was your situation. Usually if you are against a good team with Torvald at the relay and you only have 3 bars of health left the match is already lost. You actually need most of your health to fight against their defensive setup just because of how much Torvald punishes any damage you do as a melee monster.

Although as Behemoth you should be using Rock Wall to cheese the relay, depending on the map.


Wait for nerf -> ??? -> profit


Sadly, I’m beginning to think that this is the best option. I’ve tried fighting Torvald in caves, I’ve tried focusing him down first, I’ve tried trying to space him properly, and nothing works. He is the only Assault I have this problem with, and only as Behemoth. His Mortars fire way too often and do entirely too much damage to ol’ Bob, and when the Trapper is on point and the Medic is being defended properly there’s not a damn thing you can do to focus anybody down consistently. There’s no way to make up for being caught in bad terrain short of Tongue Grab, which is a crapshoot. And so many maps have little to no caves or enclosed areas at all that it makes it impossible to fight on my own terms. An advantageous area for Behemoth just outright doesn’t exist on Rendering Plant or Orbital Drill.

I also just tried to focus down a Torvald with Hank/Caira on the team and couldn’t even get him past half health. The defensive power that comp offers is way too overwhelming for even Behemoth to breach when (not if, when) they get domed Stage 1. And again, luring the Hunters into an area with advantageous terrain isn’t an option because several maps have absolutely no good terrain for Behemoth. He’s the only Monster to get so morbidly neutered out in the open. It’s getting to the point where I’m almost prepared to call him outright broken until he can hold his own in a clear open sky just as well or better than inside of an enclosed space, because there’s no reason he should be taking that amount of obscene damage from the Mortars.

I don’t know if the problem is on Behemoth’s end, or Torvald’s end or what, but Behemoth feels way squisher than he used to, and its endlessly aggravating. I appreciate the advice given here, I really do, but after almost ten more matches today of nothing but getting stomped by Torvald and only winning on Aviary because the other team decided to walk into the death tunnel, I’m really considering Torvald completely broken against Behemoth. Like, unreasonably, unplayably broken. There exists no counter at all to Torvald’s Mortars as far as I have seen in practice. Even Level 3 Rock Wall doesn’t do anything because they just shoot the damn things over the wall, and Behemoth, since the recent nerf, never, ever has the stamina or the speed to evade the Mortars. Until I see proof otherwise, Torvald is impossible to defeat as Behemoth unless the Hunter team is completely and utterly brain-dead.

FYI, if it sounds like I’m raging right now, its because I am.


hmm well bob is my number 2 right now lol. so ill help you out as hes extremely strong at the moment. in my opinion past stage 2 its hard to lose.

stage 1 take wat your more comfortable with. fizzure or lava. 2 points. now put 1 point in rock wall. this is for disengaging.
SNEAK. just because your slow and fat. doesnt mean you cant be an american ninja (movie reference lol). unless its maggie. sneak away and find some caves to not trigger birds. if you must eat outside. mammoth birds or bigger only. you want the most evolve meter for your bird trigger. you have TONS of damage and armor stage 1. fight tyrants, megamouths and dune beetles.

if you get caught. stay NEXT to torvald. you can hit him. but like you said its caira hank torvald. you aint gettin through that lol. stay next to torvald so he must aim up to use mortars and you just roll around him so he misses. fun thing about caira hank. zero damage. you want torvald to waste his time missing.

#stage 2

this is opinion. but a wide spread in abilities on bob is stronger than maxing points. so i go 2 lava 2 fissure 1 tongue 1 rock wall. get that armor goin and now its time to dance.

now to select your target. in this comp. its actually hank. but you can take torvald first if you want. I cannot stress this enough tho. PICK A GOOD ARENA. if they dont force the dome. find a pretty place to fight. let them come to you and fight your battle. BOB needs it to win.

So to take torvald down u need to do a few things. first. land that toungue grab and fire fizzure. this should pop his shield if the others havent shielded him yet. if they shield him use rock wall to block line of sight then hit him. hes not going down yet. so he pops shield. now dodge like i said above. go for hank or get some lava bomb aoe out to weaken the team. I always roll to aim a line up for fizzure. hitting 2 or more ppl is a win in that battle.

now torvalds shield is down. keep hank busy with maybe lava bomb. then go onto torvald with everything u got. rock wall hank and cairas line of sight. then end torvald with fissure and melee. if he jumps to get away, toungue grab him back.

welp thats it for torvald. hope that helps.


I’ve had a bit more success with Bob the last couple of days thanks to some of the advice here. I think I was trying too hard, in all honesty, and it was throwing my game off. It tends to happen when I get really frustrated. I find that ambushing the Hunters while they’re still searching for me tends to work well for me, as it allows me to focus one of them down (preferably the Trapper) while they’re still scattered. I was also going 2 Lava Bomb, 1 Tongue Grab with Cooldown Reduction perk. That build works well in the early games, but only if I get them in a cave or a flat area. I started using either 1 Lava, 1 Fissure, 1 Tongue Grab with Damage Bonus or 2 Fissure, 1 Tongue Grab with Cooldown Reduction and I’m having a bit more luck.


I can give you no suggestions. Go into the caves. They will not fight you in the caves. If they do, or you force them to fight (rock wall, tongue grab), Torvalds mortars have a decreased chance of actually hitting you, while they are more probable to hitting the ceiling.


Try singling him out from the group first like use tongue grab then rock wall and pounce on his robotic ass. If he has shield up you’ll just drain that and when he escapes you can finish him off. I notice this strategy catches a lot of Torvald teams off guard and it costs them the game since they no longer have their OP damage dealer. If the medic tried to heal him as he is trying to escape you, just roll to get some distance between you and the group and tongue the Torvald again, then rock wall again, and then pounce him again. No heal, no protection means an easy snack


Don’t know if it’s just me, but Torvald’s shield seems to run out faster than the other assaults. I tend to keep focusing on him till he’s gone.