Need a way to play with same teammates and make friends!


There used to be a way after a match to add people you just played with as steam friends. I just had a great game with 3 other hunters who all had microphones and we all wanted to play together again.

Please add an easy way to keep your team together, or even a Rematch vote would be amazing! Also a way to see recent players and add them as friends would be great.


They are going to look into adding this :slight_smile:


One of my only issues with TU9 is that you’re immediately and involuntarily kicked out of the lobby and have to find a game with brand new players. I’ve been told multiple times that this game has been known for its social community and it should really try to retain that.

I’m pretty sure this will be changed though.


I’ve changed the category to ‘suggestions’ as you are suggesting an idea on how you think the game can be improved. Hope you don’t mind. :smile:

Even though I’m an Xbox guy, I can see that being really helpful. As niaccurshi said they are looking into adding this to the game. It should really help players feel more part of a community too. :slight_smile:


Recent player on steam wont work for me.


that never worked for the game.


Good to know!


Yup. We actually have an active email thread about it right now!


A rematch option or vote to play against the same monster would be cool, in addition to being able to stay with the same hunters.