Need A Team for competitive play/tournaments and casual fun


With Evolve having very high chances of making eSports, and all these smaller tournaments around, I’ve been meaning to make a fully fleshed team. As of now, I only have a Support ( Me ) and Medic. If anyone is interested in joining as Assault/Trapper, message me on the Xbox One ( Kawaii Dumpling )


Gamertag is exactly the same as my username here


I’ll add and invite when I get home.


I would be happy to play with you and see if we mesh for high end play. I can play all classes and monster and enjoy all hunters the same, but monster more :smile: I can PM you my Steam user name.


I messaged you on XBL, also looking for a team for the chappie challenge and other tourneys. Former halo pro player.

ii nd goat ii


Awesome, I was a former Battlefield pro player. I’ll message back when I get home. Also, I fall right under the 18 age limit for the Chappie challenge, but definitely other tourneys.


I only play on Xbox One D:


22 here, pick me, pick me!


When I get home, we’ll talk


Get online