Need a new headset!


My mic on my headset is ded, so I need a new headset.

I’ve been sticking to around £20-30 ($30 - $44) headsets, but now have the money to try and buy a decent set that will last a while.

I’m looking at max price of around £100 ($150), but am willing to stretch a little if there’s a really good reason for it. And obviously if there are cheaper ones which do the job just as well, that’d be great.

Suggestions please?


I’ve been using my xp 510 for over 3 years. No problems to date yet.

Not sure how much it costs nowadays tho.


Out of curiosity, aside from the mic being broke, does the headset otherwise work?

I would suggest to you to invest otherwise in a standalone microphone rather than a new headset with mic. When you play a competitive game like Evolve, your teammates need to hear you so a good mic is better. rather than a mediocre one on a headset

I have this one since a week now:, and it is amazing. Definitely worth the investment.



I’ve considered it, but I’m not a fan of having extra stuff on the desk - don’t like “clutter”


In that case, maybe consider this one?

It’s a small mic that can easily be folded and put away. You can bring it anywhere you want as well.

Your choice! Although buying a new headset solely to have a new mic…might as well invest in a good standalone mic :smiley:


I am no expert so I will just suggest what I have.

Before the Kraken 7.1 I had another mid-range headset which I thought was ok , but was crap.
I started playing Evolve and everyone seemed to freakin know where the monster is just by hearing while I couldn’t !
I was like wtf am I deaf??? … soon enough I got the Kraken and realised why everyone knew :stuck_out_tongue:
The surround sound in this is just uncanny!!
Also it has big soft paddings that do not tire you after long hours of continuous usage and very nice discreet microphone that only catches your speak sounds and not at all your nosal breathigns :stuck_out_tongue:
If it ever breaks down I will probably buy the same.


@Btubnfj, fudge, man. Dude. Bro friend.

Siberia V2. Reliable AF. git it.


Reliable Acceleration Field? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the suggestion! I’m a little split between this one and the on Lerneros posted though


Don’t want to start a war here but I’ve found that Razer gear is a little more unreliable than steelseries :stuck_out_tongue:


Also oh my god I just realised it turned AF into acceleration field FML. I meant Reliable as frick


Hmm. I’d have thought that given how much more expensive it was, it’d be pretty reliable o.0

But which one’s better?


The fact that it’s cheaper is because well… Eh. It’s not coming with it’s original box. Generally you’d be paying a good 50 quid or more for a siberia v2.


A tiny bit on the expensive side, but this is easily the best headset I’ve ever owned.
The best sound quality, mic quality , and customization I’ve ever had in a headset.


I bought the above and it’s something I really like. Comfortable for long sessions, good sound, not enough of an expert to know if it’s the best value but it’s something I don’t regret buying at all!


Before you drop a bunch of dough, give this a look/see.

Edit: Not 100% accurate, but lots of good information!


What system are you on? I’ve owned a few headset for xbox 1


Get a Razer Tiamat 7.1. It’s what I use and it’s an amazing headset, best you’ll ever own. It’s over $230 ish but worth the money!


Hahahah … Idk man I cannot help you any more than I have as I said I am no sound or hardware expert :stuck_out_tongue:
I can only say you will not believe in your ears when you hear the sound of Kraken 7.1.
As far as reliability I have it for like 14 months and everything is firm and working like a charm, paddings are still fat and relaxing on my ears allaround no drawbacks at all.
Actually maybe @Seedsy or @SuperBadJuJu might be the people to ask around they might know better since they stream n cast a lot and will probably have more experience/knowledge on sound.


My bad - should have specified this already.

I’m on PC

Currently using :

Which I absolutely love - apart from the fact the mic only picks up my voice if I shout, and even then it’s quiet - and I’ve even turned up mic settings to full :’(

I took a look at some reviews and there were some complaints of it having a poor mic. How long have you had this headset, and have you had any issues with it?

Ah - good to know!

Have you had any issues with the wire? I’ve seen a few complaints about it


L O L !!! With that wire? Complaints? are people chewing it or something? :stuck_out_tongue:
No I don’t have any issues but I am always the kind of guy that takes care of his stuff so…