Need a good monster for our team(Xbox One)


Our XB1 team Prey Gaming currently has 3 solid players(Trapper, Medic, and Assault), and we need a 4th that can play monster. It would also help if the 4th could play as support. Once we have at least a 4th, we can start participating in Gamebattles and tournaments. If you’re interested, you can apply on our website today.

Have a mic


Too bad I am 17.

Not 18 till september >=[

That is literally what I play, monster and support, 1 and 2


How late will you guys be on? I assume the try out will be a match against the lot of you?


Your gamer tag is?? I’m the team medic




Hey guys! I’m a pretty solid monster, and when it comes to Support i can definitely hold my own. My gamertag is EskimoJon95 and I’m currently 19 (20 on Saturday!!)

I love competitive gaming and I am naturally good at games… except sports games…

Plz add me! I really just don’t have anyone to play with and it kinda blows:/


GT LeadedSubset 60 global kraken. Overall global rank 215 I can play everything


I’ll may consider applying… I’m Evark. I’m approximately the 100th Cabot and am the current #4 Goliath, in and out of the top 100 globally. Tertiary roles:

  • Medic
  • Trapper
    Never want to play: Assault

What is your team? I haven’t played a team that’s been able to defeat my Goliath… it is possible because an occasional team gets some lucky situations which has earned me my 15 losses out of 600 games or so, but I would love to find a team that can consistently challenge my Goliath (because the flipside will mean demanding that my support play gets better).