Need a chat bar for consoles


I never get this, it’s 2015 and the lack of chat bars in games saddens me. Even Monster Hunter for the Ps2 had a chat bar, heck I even had a keyboard for the Ps2.


PC has this but I would like to see it for console players as an option for those who can plug in a keyboard


idk. you had time in MH to do it. since the monsters had predicable movesets. this game is much to fast to whip out a keyboard and type away.

but now that i think about it. HOW MANY PPL ON MH…died from typing. SERIOUSLY LOLOL.

and if they died for no reason. they would type “shyt typing” hahaha

good times. lots of deaths.


Dbxenoverse has a chat selection made up of 100 prewritten cpharases


I agree 100% with You. Please chat bar for consoles.


God no. The damn console comes with a mic. Use it. Much easier and faster during combat. Let’s not go backwards, go forwards.