Need A Bit Of Help Getting Offline Play And A Few Other Things


Ehh, bit of a noob here, but so far I’ve been really enjoying the game it’s been fun but I’ve only been able to play the Tutorials since Last Night, the game says all I need to do is to play the tutorial to unlock the Goliath and the Assault. but every-time I complete the tutorials they don’t show up I even signed in and that took a while to see if it would help and it didn’t and they won’t unlock.

And Is Offline play still here with the Stage Two Update? everything other than Training and Options requires me to sign in and every-time I exit a category it keeps trying to connect to the Servers which has gotten a bit annoying is it still possible to play the game completely Offline?

And where are the other modes? they are all in play I take it?

Stage 2 Thoughts Thus Far
Stage 2: Training (Hunt) not playable

Tagging @Insane_521 as he may be able to help advise when he’s around


I’d like to know as well :slight_smile:


Thank you.

From what I’ve been able to play that being the Tutorials the game is a ton of fun especially the Monster side, once I learn what’s wrong and how to fix it I can’t wait to play more.


For what it is worth, you can still choose “Custom” and then there is a “Play Solo” option… however I do not know if that is before or after the point where you are stuck :slight_smile: At least in terms of answering the “Play offline” question.


I’ve tried both Custom and Hunt and didn’t see a Solo Mode option. and even than I couldn’t play it as no character is selectable even though I completed the Tutorials 10 or so times.


Hello, so a question for you, obviously you’re signed into Steam to play the game, but do you know if you’re signed into your my2k account? If you’re not, that might be the problem of not unlocking the Goliath and Markov.

Also, to successfully navigate to Solo Mode, go to the Training section on the Main Menu.
In Traning, there is the Tutorials, Hunt, and Custom to play Solo. Hope this helps!


Thank you for you’re help.

But Last Night after fiddling around with it a bit I did try and connect it and after about 30 minutes of waiting (Lol) it did finally connect to “My2K” and I was able to access the Leaderboard and other stuff and I immediately started the Tutorials to see if it would work but…it didn’t the same situation though of couse my Internet was very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very slow where my PC is so it could just be the signal wasn’t sent but I just don’t know.