Need 2 silvery teammates; Xbox One


Really just need some reliable teammates for Hunt 2.0. We usually play late at night

My friend and I are very flexible with roles, I’m best with support but can play trapper and assault well. He’s best with medic but also good at trapper and assault. We are currently stuck at silver skilled because we keep getting paired with bronze teammates and silver expert/master/elite monsters.

GT: MonkeyBone51


Add me…GT: RedWall11 play every class & monster except Parnell, Caira, Wraith & Kraken. Silver 2 but I feel your pain of playing with noobs.


Add me as well. GT: hamburglar86. Silver expert. I’m a laz main but play a decent griffin, bucket, and lennox.


Add ZimThunder95, I love trapper. I have been playing other games but I always jump on evolve when I have people to play with


VandalMercy is my gt. I am a returning player so I’m reliable and I have a mic. I’m a bronze though, but I can play any class.


I’ve got everyone added so far. Get on tonight so we can do test runs in quickplay


Add me up too

Srvng 21 bscts

Silver maybe still expert probably dowm to skilled from rank decay. Oddly I play any role but I prefer Assault/Trapper



Silver skilled. Same problems a lot of the time.


There’s no rank decay, you’re good.


add me GT: Tazmaniedevil1 I play mostly support but I can play all roles play best with hank


Beardo702 silver elite


GT: Joes Os
Silver Skilled - but 50% to Expert

I main medic (Val, Laz, Slim) but I can play a mean Trapper (Waggie, Crow, Griffin), Support (Hank, Sunny, Bucket), and Assault (Markov, Hyde, Parnell, and Torvald).


Add me. Xxelxbeastroxx
I’m 20 pts from expert again