Necro's lesson on trying to be original


I have noticed that people who do not put time, or effort get 30 times the attention than something I actually try and put effort into. I realize and understand that humans will more often than not, flock to something that took about a minute to type up. And no, I am not calling anyone out because we are all guilty of it, me a little less maybe, but I have done it too. So I am done trying to impress anybody, I quit my goal of trying to be original.


You shouldn’t try to be anything but who you are. :slight_smile:


But Necro, ily fam :cry:


What does that even mean


Imagine “I love you brah” but…shorter


Ah, k den.


So whats all dis about? Quirkly is teh tired and can’t think effectively -.-


Ive seen a lot worse from people a lot older than him. Necro is just learning something a lot of us had to learn, maybe many years ago for some of us, but we have all been there too.


I wouldn’t say that this is entirely true, the way I see it is that being original is a long term path, and being a clone is short term and quick results path. Think of all the successful games nowadays, they started off with one unique idea and they released it to the public and after that the work spoke for itself. The same ideas apply here you just have to be patient and keep doing you, people will take notice and after that even more people will take notice.


So mr college is that much wiser than me huh


He was being conciliatory.


Huh? I no know dat word


Look it up, he was saying that we have all been there.


Attempting to pacify or put on even ground, generalize and so on.


Im saying screw originality for this forum


Mmmm… If you take the time an effort to do something big or something you feel strongly about, you’ll wind up putting some of yourself into it, and everyone is different from one another, so originality is there a lot of the time, just in differing amounts.
Basically, if you put yourself into something and you are happy with it, that’s all that really matters, everything else is extra. I know exactly how you feel, seeing things obviously uninspired or unoriginal pop up and out-do something you’ve put some deeper thought into.


You mean like when I post this topic and get more likes than actual replies. Yeah I know your feels.


Being original and popular are two different things. Doing something original is not hard, just do not plagarise. And if you do plagarise make sure it is not from something easily found or widely known.

I would also like to discuss a little on the opinion of that many people will give you, which is that you should just be yourself. This post will most likely go longer than any other post I have made on this forum. I am going to suspend my behavior of trying to get my opinion and point off as succinctly as possible and still be understandable. I despise flowerly language and irrelevant speech, but to achieve my goal of getting you to believe that I am writing this out of genuine concern I will not limit my response to one sentence.

To speek honestly, you are a kid, young, are not the person you want to be, not the person people you want to be around wants you to be, and are you are no where near achieving your goals in your life. Please not think perceive that as an insult. I need more fingers than I have to count those above 50 years of age that do not know who they are or what they want to be in life.

This is the perfect time to change yourself into who you want to be to achieve what you want in life. Whether that is being “original” or being popular. Which are too different things. And in my opinion rarely something is both popular and original. Originality has an aspect of the unknown that scares the majority of people in the world. People tend to be attracted to things that are comfortable to them and originality, because of the amount of unknown, is discomforting to the majority.

Back on to the topic of just being ourselves. If we all just were being ourselves we would never grow, mature or achieve the relationships and acquantances that we want and sometimes need in our life. We would be stuck as antisocial immature children. Which is fine for some life styles but many of us want financial security, mature and respectful significant others, and healthy relationships with friends or acquantances.

These things all require interactions with others and unfortunately if you want people to interact with you, you have be someone or something that people are attracted to or at the very least are not bothered with you being around. People have different things that attract or distract them during interactions. Some things are small, like wearing a certain style of clothes, while sometimes things are large like overcoming phobias or changing your speeech.

Now to go back to brevity, I will summarize that you should not worry so much yet about how others react to you and your behaviors until have you determined who and what you want to be in your life. One mantra that I have lived by and has had a profound impact on my health and mental wellbeing is “Learn to be with yourself before you try being with someone else”.


In some things yes and in somethings no, everyone knows more about something than I do and I know more about something than they do. It would be self harming and wrong for me to believe that I can not attain knowledge from every other person.


But being you is always best, who cares what other people think, the best you is you