Necro, The speaker for the dead


Can we have a moment of silence for all we have lost this year:

Cabot’s Railgun effectiveness
Sunny’s mininuke launcher
Torvald’s mortar
Robin Williams
Markov’s mines
Maggie’s traps.EDIT for @MaddCow While these brave sould have been taken from us, let us remember the good times with all of these prepatch weapons [also Robin Williams] , like destroying monster scrubs who thought they could eat a mininuke to sniping monsters with the mortar, to actually damage the monster with mines,slowing a monster with Maggie, and going sanic mode with caira.
Caira’s Acceleration field

Though we have lost souls, my friends, always look to tomorrow and the tier 5 hunters.


A true Speaker for the Dead talks about the good and the bad in their lives and the impact they had on those around us for better or worst. Imposter! :smiley:


Not everyone can be ENDER OK :’(


Fair enough. How about Bean, or Petra, or Julian, or perhaps Ender’s Shadow that speaks for him when he dies?


For 1, I havent read Xenocide or children of the mind so spoiler much m8? @MaddCow


RIP wraith spams.
RIP instant aim lightning strike
RIP uber large vortex
RIP sneak pounce spam


Apologies for that, however the book had to end when he passed, that saga was all about him. So, while spoilers, it’s like saying the Terminator dies in T2 :stuck_out_tongue:


they minimized the vortex size?


Heeeeey…The Railcannon is still a godmode weapon. It’s very powerful now, pre-patch…Why didn’t I play more Cabot pre-patch?


I despised playing against a Cabot pre-patch… More damage than an assault. Honestly, they need to give that damage to a new assault, and make him some sort of sniper. -.-

What it felt like, every time you faced him before.


Did they change Torvald’s Mortar? :open_mouth:


It was nerfed before, yes. Damage was too high.


oh, alright thanks.


yeah you could be 3-4 meters from the edge of the vortex and youd go flying. i also think it used to do more damage lol. and it hit around walls sometimes even. it was a hitbox issue