[Necro Lazarus Update] The Lost Variants - Fan Art and Accumulated Information Since The End Of Evolve



There is literally no chance of that happening, but I do have to say, that would make me want to go out and get a switch. I would love to play Evolve on the go.


I secretly wish I could play evolve in VR. It would be terrifying, but how cool would it be to experience Shear like that?


I can only imagine the fright it must be walking around and suddenly having a monster on top of you…


Gonna be honest. I’d probably poo myself. But it would still be really cool.


I’ve never played VR myself but I do notice the Grapics are dumbed down heavily. It wouldn’t be the same for me

But if it somehow looks amazing in person then the thought of being pounced on and it’s not in third person while it’s happening would be amazing


That’d be scary instead. Beeing slapped by a Goliath, whipped by a Kraken, stabbed by a Wraith, punched by a Behemoth and ripped by a Gorgon in 1st person view…I see that as the view of your life’s last seconds!
But don’t you dare show the 1st person view of a hunter beeing pounced by a Wraith! I’d get sick.


Dune bettels. Megamouths. Lol megamouths


Been playing Splatoon 2 non-stop and I’m convinced any shooter can work on this system in terms of gameplay.

The motion controlled aiming is very close to mouse-aim in terms of reflex motions and I found myself doing things I did on PC shooters subconsciously.

Another thing is the Switch can run the 1080p PC game presets on UE4. So with enough work Evolve Stage 2 should have fidelity that matches platforms where the game launched on (PC, PS3, X360).

Marketwise the Switch already has a reputation as a kind of “Second Opportunity” system. I didn’t even imagine old Street Fighter 2 would be the massive seller it is on this system. But I own it and it just feels different to whip out this version anywhere to play with anyone.

Also, the Switch is already getting Payday 2 if you want an additional precedent for how mature online team shooters are planning to use the Switch.


I have been starting to go back to evolve recently with some friends. And im so sad to see it in such a state.


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Woah, what? Evolve has lore now? I’ve been away for a few months, can someone tell me what happened with all this lore?


The lore was planned since the game was launched I believe, it’s just that the devs did not give enough informations to make people believe that there’s a main lore.


It’s got more than most games I’ve played, but it all comes through contextual dialogue that most people missed. >_> This is why I wanted to make a point of putting it all together.

Also small update on this thread for everybody since I know I have been quiet lately. Warbucket is in the final phases of revisions, but I have been too busy to do my part in that. It’ll be a bit longer than expected, but not far off. My fault!


No, I mean about dead hunters and shit. Please elaborate.


Well they’re dead what more to explain?



Okay, so dead hunters.

After they’re all stranded on Shear, the Phantom Wraith escapes from the Wraith Trap and kills Caira. At another point while they’re stranded Kala finishes mutating into a monster, which would count as a metaphorical death. Either during this incident or at some other point while they’re on Shear, Cabot, Lennox, Abe, Maggie, and Griffin die. Lazarus may have died in this period as well, but they hadn’t decided whether he did or if he survived until the end.

After most of the hunters escape Shear, several of them try to hunt down the Phantom Wraith. In this process, Val, Markov, and Hank are most likely killed, though this was not set in stone.

Hyde, Daisy, and the mutated Kala remain trapped on Shear, where Hyde eventually kills his former teammate. No mention is made about Hyde and Daisy’s deaths, so they are presumed to die at some point on Shear, as FTL tech is lost during the human-monster war and neither of them are immortal.

The war is ended when the remaining hunters take the fight to the monster’s dimension. Parnell, Bucket, and Sunny are there for certain, while Emet most likely is as there is no mention of his death at any other point. Lazarus, Val, Markov, and Hank may also have been there, depending on how their fates were finalized. The fates of all the hunters who undertook this mission are unknown.

Jack, Crow, Torvald, and Slim never had any real details released about their deaths. Torvald was planned to have an adaptation in the Propaganda period, so it is believed that he died on Shear while the whole crew was stranded. Due to concept art and comments, it is presumed that Jack and Slim remained stranded along with Hyde and suffered the same fate. There is no information whatsoever on Crow, so he most likely survived until the attack on the monster’s home dimension, at which point his fate is as nebulous as all the others.


I think when kala fully mutated she used what controle she had left to kill the monster laying the eggs but then becomes the new queen.