Nebula Monster Skin - Had fun on Photoshop

get photoshop trial
open it
open picture of kraken
put cool picture above it, select blend mode and mess around until you like it…
save it

Oh I’m familiar with photoshop, it’s used often in my profession. But I’m also lazy. :wink:

Wow! That looks awesome. I really like the way it came out!

The kraken worked out really well for me, I’m hoing to experiment with textures and contorting to see what other nasty stuff I can produce. XD


These skins are very Murican

Too much freedom

Sorry I can’t hear you over the freedom.


Mother of Goliath…

“I used to wonder how monster could evolve! Until you all shared its points to Rock throwing!”

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Why would you glorify the godless killing machine known as a bear by allowing it to stand with the flag? Colbert warned us about them! but did any of you listen!?

Imma make a rainbow goliath then !


Do share when you’re finished.

Who’s this Colbert, I don’t know this part of American culture.

Why is the Bears and Dinosuars considered “American” in that pic? lol

If you did these I will give you a cookie and demand you let me buy your dlc packs lol

I dunno I found the picture online. image

Gasp, apparently Bacon isn’t american in origin either :open_mouth:

Come to think of it, a lot of things in that pic that arn’t American ;p


Spiderman wraith skin yes pls

Ooh someone please do this. XD
I don’t have time to make it with all the webs needed.

That USA skin looks so perfect, how the stripes curve around with his body and the stars adapt to his wings as well. How hard was it to make? Did you just blend stuff together or had to manually add and adjust each stripe? (complete PS dummy here)

so hyped when I saw the new Cosmic skin.