Nebula Monster Skin - Had fun on Photoshop



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Tier 4 hunter and behemoth skins
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I have the Cosmic skins and the Behemoth Jade skin in my pick, but where did I got them from?

Twilight sparkles? :stuck_out_tongue:


Woah nice :smile:

Did you actually edit the texture or just a picture of the monsters?


first 2 are pictures overlayed, 3rd is aminor recolour

no textures changed here


I would buy absurdly colored skins like these!


I am tempted to update my avatar…


Please turn this into a “3 Wraith Moon Shirt”


Nice! I hope they make some nice colorful ones like that.


yeeh twilight sparkle. Pinkie Pie version coming soon.


Please let this be true.


There isn’t a way to modify the textures yet, so I just played around with photoshop to find other textures.


You may do it peasant.


Not my avatar but…


close enough.


get photoshop trial
open it
open picture of kraken
put cool picture above it, select blend mode and mess around until you like it…
save it


Oh I’m familiar with photoshop, it’s used often in my profession. But I’m also lazy. :wink:


Wow! That looks awesome. I really like the way it came out!


The kraken worked out really well for me, I’m hoing to experiment with textures and contorting to see what other nasty stuff I can produce. XD


These skins are very Murican

Too much freedom


Sorry I can’t hear you over the freedom.

Savage Skins - I feel like the Wraith is missing something