Neat idea for monsters


Watched a few finals tournament matches of evovle from pro hunter perspective and it was obvious that four minds in hunters team easily overwhelmed one mind of monster when battle heats up. I suggest to add one or two heads for monsters. One head/player will control movements, claws, feeding, while one or two other heads on his body controls skills and scouting. This way monster will be able to release abomination potential and have debate buddies.


Hydra (Two headed - two players - one player controls each head)

Toxic Spray (left head) / Sludge bomb - (right head)
Tail Slam(left head) / Body slam (right head)
Body split (both players hold x button) - Body splits in half, creating 2 lesser hydras but cannot go out of 50m from each other

Normal attacks works with each head, biting.

Something like that?


They might be against 2 monster players in 1 match since the game is 4v1 not 4v2
what they could do is
Hydra gains a extra head each stage, at stage 3 he has 3 heads.
At stage 1 Hydra can only shoot 1 ability at a time, at stage 3 Hydra can shoot 3 abilities at a time? dun dun dun
Traversal should be underground movement or something

Another Idea is a 3 headed beast called “Hound” or “Cerberus”
he gains a head each stage, his traversal could be Dash

They might make a Shapeshifting monster or they might give us the legendary velvet worm.


I followed topic regarding more than 1vs4 :wink:

But if we’re gonna scrap fantasy and keep it real (4vs1) then this:

Would be awesome


Yes. Hopefully devs make it happen, the idea of multiple head/players monster.