Near impossible to win with behemoth against certain combo


Try playing a behemoth against an abe that spams grenades, caira that spams heals and hanks infinitely broken sheild and u have a 100000% immobile behemoth. Movement is slowed to less than a crawl. Any damage is soaked by hanks shield which has no skilled timing to it and caira being able to spam heal herself and others at all times. This make a game for the behemoth damn well near impossible


Rock wall is your friend


I had that before (mind you with Crow who would always Stasis me instead of Grenades but essentially the same) and I won. But I imagine it’s very hard against premades.


Rock wall only lasts like 5 or so secs mine even tier 3 already. Caira heals thru walls and abe slows thru walls


Maybe that just lazy programming, I always felt nobody should be able to shoot through the rock wall besides cabot


Rock wall and tounge grab is THE combo for teams who are terrible when missing one charachter, pull hank or ciara then rockwall and damage you should be able to get onecdown per wall if you can keep them focused, hope it kinda helps man, ive never lost using tounge grab and rockwall, lava bomb is a good compliment to it to get the singularcone youve pulled but if you want to get ones behind the wall take fissure instead


Some tips to help you




Victory Roar


Id start with 1 point in touge grab because you shouldnt really use it for damage dealing anyways only the pull, max rockwall as quick as possible and get really good at timing it, its good to pull plant thecwall to hit the others but wall off the one coning twards you, then immidiately drop lava bomb so you have an area of constant damage that is impossibly hard for them to escape, if you dobt get them the lava should if you can land at least like 2 or 3 hits


Ill 2nd that but lazy programming vs small company. I feel like theres not enough programmers on their team yet maybe and thats why theres still so many bugs. Maybe once the next tier monsters and hunters hit the store they will make enough money to kick the game up a notch. But after their first year out itll be their moment to make it or flop. Rock wall is by far the buggiest skill in evolve currently.


This is the basic behemoth play. Against players that know what a jetpack dodge is and use cliffs against a behemoth will easily win especially with abes stasis slowing him to the point of basicly being harpooned


Never had a problem other than walls not appearing where they should, im good with tounge grab so i usually control where people are and where theyre heading with wall, and anticipate my next move from that


And the slowing isnt even part of the equasion once you are putting people where you want them with your abilities, you could stand still and whoop ass


Cooldown reduction helps alot, im testing the team comp right now


2:26, killled them in dropship zone, i have no qualms with this comp, 2 bars of healt lost at stage one


Go 3 stars into Lava bombs with damage increase perk at stage one and stick to areas that favor you like caves or areas with little vertical ground. While hunters have a better view of shooting you in those areas, they are much easier to target and you can deny them the high ground with lava bombs. By doing this you can fight the hunters head on in areas that favor you at stage one. You can easily out damage hank and Caira in these types of areas as long as you hit the hunters right. Lava bomb is one of the best abilities you can choose. Great burst damage, Aoe, Dot, and you can see the hunters easier if they cloak or if Slim uses his spore grenade. Also don’t be afraid to take some health damage to get a few strikes in. Most hunters never expect you to attack at stage one so take advantage of that.


Lava bomb everything.

I have defeated most comps, and the one you pose isn’t actually that dangerous, relying 100% on the assault to kill you, so you can always just focus him down eventually, or go after Caira, no shield is enough to keep somebody alive when behemoth decides to focus them, even an assault with 2 shield sources will fall, in time which you have because unless you sit in an orbital this team is not killing you any time in the near future.


Is lv3 lavabomb That damaging and That reliable ?..


Do u know these players? We are compareing two different random teams and how did they play? I had a parnell assault against me who was very good at keepin the damage on me. I play a good bit of behemoth and i know im not bad. I did have a lot of rock wall issues such as it appearing closer to me than wanted which happened one time on a cliff and only the two far edges of my wall appeared.


I’m going to post this one more time. Then never again. Put all three points into lava bomb right off the bat and take damage perk. You’ll be a murder machine. Stage 1 wins everywhere.


Ive also won against most but of my two losses today this one was just horrible. Focusing them did nothing as they were VERY skilled at running and if a hunter is running in a very cliff like area your rolls are very ineffective with the previous patch massacreing your stamina and abe keeping you, as i said before, nearly harpooned in movement.