Near 2 weeks since patch, who are Good and Bad characters?

Hunter review on where each hunter stands right now.

Best to least, this is subjective and opinions are based on personal experience. This is based on the new meta, since a lot of things had changed best and worst have been shifted around a bit.

However I do believe there aren’t worst characters in most classes, just less effective ones.


Caira is Queen and Lazarus is really up there.

The meta really enforced Caira as the master race supreme medic and everyone else is just a medic peasants.

The less bursty monster damage oddly enforced her as the best medicv in the game.

Caira haz amazeballs healing, no one can compete with her heals. Though her kit is a bit boring to use, they still provide enough usage and no one can deny the healing she can provide for the team and herself.

Laz has also been brought up the ladder on the medic rank due to the changes. Unlike other medics he does not need to worry about keeping the team alive, he just needs to kite the monster long enough to have enough time to go in for a super quick resurrection.

Not to mention having one of the most anti fun game mechanic after Hank, if the team doesn’t kill the monster first. frustration will.



What makes Hank so strong and so popular?

He is the most punishing character in the game if you let him be, yes this includes when you’re focusing him first. Unlike Sunny, Hank can punish you for going after him while Sunny will need good help from her team to help her help them.

  1. His laser cutter is a surgeon’s wet dream, one of the best. If not the best weapon in the game. Wrecks in any range, super fast recharge time and very damaging when he gets in front of a monster’s face.
  2. controlled shielding is really strong, even now after the nerf
    monsters still have to work really hard to fight through Hank’s shield.
  3. His orbitals, well we all know how good this ability is. Drop on in anytime some goes down and the monsters had if it wants to camp the body. Monster focusing it Hank now? Just drop it on your feet and make the monster pay for aggroing you and two things could happen. One the barrage will knock you away to safety and get healed up by your medic or two you could go down in the barrage with the monster on top of you. Which is still a win.

Hank has synergy with all comps, there is no wrong comp if Hank is on the team.

Of course I would prefer a good Sunny over a good Hank because her kit has more uses and flexibility but in a game where the meta become Skyrim-ish(my friend’s words not mine, I don’t even know what Skyrim is) which is all about survival and turtling down. Hank still takes the top support pick.

Caira+Hank combo el supremo master race.


Too many people using Jack, don’t have enough data or information to come up with a conclusion.
But personally I have to say Abe, the meta is still new and Abe has a lot of gain late game. monsters are still trying to figure out if they even want to incorporate sneaking into their partakes.

Jack follows closely behind because he’s the only trapper that doesn’t get weaker as the monster stages up, he also has great if somewhat overwhelming combat presence. His tracking is somewhat lower in effectiveness compared to others but it’s hard to counter and does ridiculous damage(around 1200 or three and a half bar) when it does found the monster.

If Jack has a satellite survey up while your health is less then full and you have no Armor you’re a dead monster.


Fucking Hyde and his fucking frame thrower.

I fucking love fucking Hyde, he’s one of my fucking favorite characters, but I’m not going to fucking deny he’s a little too fucking effective for his own fucking good.

A lot of people who love Hyde are ‘blind sheep’ and say he’s balance and yadada… well me I like to keepz it real and say he deserves small adjustments.


One on the best primary weapon damage output in the game, with a range weapon that had surprisingly good range. An AOE that controls an area the size of Texas with an awesomely good reload speed.

“You can’t run from Hyde but you definitely can’t fucking Hyde from Hyde!”

There is no escaping Hyde’s damage and he doesn’t fucking care if you’re a fucking fucking , he’ll melt your fucking face with his fucking frame thrower. Because that’s what he does.

Lennox follows close at second. but its just because of her presence in fighting. But she’s pretty close.



Though he’s not too far off leading the group, his range abilities and the ability to fly really gives him an advantage.

You know what’s funny? After the 5.0 (PC 5.0.1) patch, Kraken has the overall lowest win rate of all the monsters. Behemoth leading with Wraith above 50% while Goliath has been on both sides with a small percentage difference like 1.6-3%.


Not worst but just ineffective, maybe because of the skill requirements or just the meta change making them a bad choice in the situation.


She was hit really hard with the update.

Not only can her healing no longer keep up with the monster’s new equalized damage, she also lost her big safety net that Hank and Sunny provided with their shielding.

The fast domes seems to be her blessed curse, the faster domes not only made her have to commit to healing more than helping tracking the monster. Which was one of her greatest strength before, she might be as great in combat but while pressuring the monster you can guarantee that the monster will take health damage.

The faster domes also means trappers are lazier and less careful about where they put up the arena. Resulting in most domes being really bad for Val to do anything, where as the other medical aren’t as concerned about where the dome is as they have better kits.

"She is being kept under close surveillance right now, a few changes are being looked into. she is obviously struggling right now. "- paraphrasing from a comment made by Chris and Cory on the telemetry changes stream last Friday.

Slim was hit hard by the changes to his heal rate but he’ll manage right in the middle by spamming spores up the monster’s nostrils.


I don’t understand what is going on with him, I don’t think he should be doing as poorly as he does right now. he should do better especially at early levels.

Someone care to give a theory on why this is happening?


I don’t feel like that we have any bad trappers right now, the class is probably the only balance class in the game. It’s mostly bad players playing poorly. hehehee.

But of all the trappers Crow seems to have the less synergy with the other hunters, having Crow on the team is like having a second Val. He’s great but definitely requires the most effort to NOT FREAKING DIE in a dome.


Coach…, I mean Parnell.

There’s nothing like a buggy ability that makes you feel like you have mortars stuck up your anus. The ability is being so inconsistent is what really is holding it back.

I really love how different his rocket feels compared to the other assaults toys.

Parnell is one of my more favorites assault and playing him as often as I do, is clear he has issues and probably one of the less flexible characters in terms of synergy.


None at the moment, for the first time I think the monster’s are on equal grounds with each other.

Goliath stands on the middle ground, Kraken is still crakin, Wraith is a juggling Amazonian now, Behemoth has crazy damage and an unbreakable combo…

Monsters are having it pretty good and even more good stuff coming for everyone.

I think this concludes my ranking list for this patch, how do you guys feel some of the characters are doing after the changes?

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Wait, wha’?


Hands off laddie


I grew up on hank but I roll bucket most of the time and sunny to change things up. Hank just isn’t what he used to be and with so many kraken a out there he loses orbage.

I still stand by that it hurt Cabot when they made the reload time longer on his rail gun. The idea is Cabot should be able to dust tag and keep up harassment, but now there is no room for error with missing with the rail gun.


There are no good or bad characters, there is only skill and those too weak to seek it. :assault: :trapper: :medic: :support:


I really like this sentence :3


Not true though. Go look at some good Slim gameplay, and occasionally Laz.


I know it’s not true, the only medic that isn’t viable now is Val :s. I still really like the sentence though

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exactly what I said in my post. There are no bad characters, just bad balancing and unrealistic skill requirements.

it’s the realiest sentence in the thread.

chill lady, I have my Jacky wakey…

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That’s not what I said at all. There may be balance tweaks needed, but people seem apt to pick characters with easy win tactics instead of putting time into learning the intricacies of others. Hyde was ignored for so long and then all of a sudden he was OP. Just my thoughts anyway. Also, I thought the Harry Potter quote was fitting.


this may sound weird but I’ve only seen one potter film, and I didn’t like it,

But yes all of the characters can be played effectively, some may require unattainable skill requirements but Parnel is straight out unplayable right now. If you must play Parnell don’t play him with Laz. He has this weird bug where his body would fly around after he dies.

Bugs aside, I don’t think there are unattainable skill req’s, however I have not had as much free time to play 5.0 lately so take that into consideration when reading my post.

If you saw the first two, I do not blame you. The books are far better, as usual.

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Leave Hyde alone.

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Leave Cabot alone…

Well he could use a little help, TRS kind of put him down then kicked him when he was down and then kind of unintentionally helped him up a little by kicking him more

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You still need hank when going in with randoms!

I think BOB is a tad too strong for random pubs,he destroys very easily also Clara is not that good I don’t think, I much prefer slim or val