NDA agreement


So i got a code and im hoping to stream from ps4 live but tbh i wouldnt care if i couldnt if a dev could confirm whether or whether not i can stream again i wouldnt care if it was NDA because i would respect the rules and enjoy the alpha with my friends. I figure it is but its always nice to ask since its the big alpha


No you can’t stream. That’s direct violation of NDA.


That’s if there is an NDA to sign up to. As far as I’m aware there hasn’t been any mention of wether the NDA is involved with the Big Alpha. Hopefully there won’t be one, I’d love to be able to record a few matches if I get in


If there is an NDA, anyway. While the last Alpha was under NDA, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was lifted for this specific build. It seems like their main idea is to build even more hype for the game with all of the Twitter and Facebook giveaways they’ve been doing.

We’ll have to wait to see though. I could see it with or without NDA.


as far as i’m aware, no one has given any information other than “there will be an alpha, and it’s called #BIG,” though i haven’t seen the sign up page myself. the only advice i can give is when emails go out, PLEASE read everything very carefully before clicking “next.” there were several people streaming last time, and it sucks to see people get banned.

Would I be able to Stream/Upload footage to Youtube of Big Alpha?

I agree with this. All this hype hype hype… then silence… during the alpha. Doesn’t make sense. There would be such a huge interest generated from Twitch alone.

But you never know, could be waiting for the Beta. :smile:


I hope there is no NDA, wonna record some stuff and make a montage/Trailer from it. ( no ads ofcourse :stuck_out_tongue: )


with xbone and ps4 pretty much automatically recording at any time. it would be interesting to see a NDA get put in place. I no i will be recording matches but not posting them. how does that fit into the nda agreement?


That’d be pretty cool if there was no NDA.


While it’s never good to see people banned, many of these people were doing it on purpose.

If you haven’t seen any one else streaming, or posting videos a day into the Alpha, pretty sure that means there is an NDA if you somehow missed it.

You’re allowed to record anything you want, take screenshots and etc, as long as no one but you (or others who signed the NDA) sees it. Basically, do whatever you want, as long as no one but you see it.
Last Alpha that was on Steam had your Steam ID onto the game, so you could immediately tell who was streaming, or who posted the video. It’d be fairly easily to just use email addresses this time around, since the key will be linked to it.


I said if there is ive been under NDA i would never violate it


An alpha is about finding bugs and helping make a better game, an NDA being in place shouldn’t matter. Search for bugs, record them, and submit them correctly. Creating content should only be a concern post-release.


Yeah i heard about that and i will i love evolve to much to break those rules lol ill make sure to read everyting


@macman do you have any information for us


Stay tuned. Can’t share details yet as everything is being finalized.

Would I be able to Stream/Upload footage to Youtube of Big Alpha?

Sounds great. Gives people hope who don’t have an Alpha invite. At least we can watch some gameplay!


I assume that if its a large alpha, that they will heavily favor going non-NDA.


Can I ask a question? What would be the best way to record Evolve? If there is a NDA just ignore me but if there isn’t can you please help me?


OBS is free and easy to use, the files are not big( if you use fraps the files are really big )


To set up a twitch stream (honestly one of the easier ways to get going) all you need is OBS and maybe to watch a video showing good ‘default’ settings to put in.

OBS stands for

Open Broadcaster Software.

Its not exactly easy to tinker out how to improve stream quality, but it’ll get you started pretty quick.